The Bad Seed Reviews

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August 15, 2004
August 12, 2004
...behind the blonde, pigtailed facade lurks a sinister and slippery sociopath.
August 11, 2004
The movie has influenced dozens of "evil children" flicks, from The Omen to Problem Child.
August 6, 2004
Here's a movie that suggests cute, precocious pre-pubescent blonde girls should get psychological counseling. Are you listening, Dakota Fanning's mother?
August 6, 2004
The Bad Seed reflects Slant Magazine's blind, abject terror of precocious, well-behaved little blonde girls.
July 11, 2003
The Bad Seed left me with a bad taste.
May 24, 2003
LeRoy's classic terrorizing tale of a deceptive delinquent with menacing motives to match is chillingly hypnotic.. The Bad Seed is a savvy psychological seesaw that carries its destructive mode brilliantly.
May 12, 2003
Still pretty effective film version of the stage shocker.
January 10, 2003
It is less a movie about dementia than a movie which itself seems demented, though it is anyone's guess whether or not this effect is intended.
July 29, 2002
Stagy pacing and a few woeful missteps can't change the fact that this is a creepified horror classic.
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