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October 24, 2016
Dark and thrilling movie, a classic that will never be forgotten.
October 19, 2016
Both Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson give great performences and Tim Burton's style of direction suits the character of Batman pretty well. That said, this isn't one of the best Batman films. This is a movie for fans of Batman and of Tim Burton's unique style of direction. It isn't perfect but it's still overall a pretty great film.

8/10 - Great
October 12, 2016
Michael Keaton will forever be the best Batman that ever lived. And Jack Nicholson's Joker will also be one of the best characters that he has ever portrayed in a movie.
½ October 11, 2016
Jack Nicholson did a good job as joker and the joker was funny I like how he says Jack is dead you can call me Joker and as you can see I'm a lot happier!!
October 10, 2016
We had to work with what we had. Though Keaton is not Bruce Wayne at all, he is a decent Batman.
October 10, 2016
Micheal Keaton has done an exceptonal job playing one of our favorite superheroes!
½ October 6, 2016
This movie is a classic. It lives up to it's full potential. With a great villain, plot, AND hero, how could it not? I feel as if Jack Nicholson's amazing performance is now over-shadowed by Heath Ledger's also great perception of the Joker, which is kind of heart-breaking considering how good he was.
October 1, 2016
A superhero film that has been out for 27 years and I finally watch it now?! What the hell took me so damn long?! Anyway, I can finally say that I have seen the original Batman film. Don't know if I will ever get around to the Adam West Batmans, but I digress. The best word I can think of for this film is "fun". Just the fact that Jack Nicholson's joker walks into an art museum and vandalizes it with his men while dancing to Prince's "Partyman". I am a big fan of when films use a song in a scenario you wouldn't think would work but it totally fits. The batmobile is pure late 80's early 90's classic and Gotham City looks pure comic book. Danny Elfman also delivers a fantastic score. As for Michael Keaton as Batman, you wouldn't think he would be a good choice, but he really pulls it off. I'm just glad you can understand his voice. The unfortunate thing is that having seen all the recent Marvel films and the entire X-Men and Spider-Man franchise, Batman doesn't quite live up in terms of action and spectacle, but it does work as a time capsule. People have never seen a "dark" Batman film before. Sure nowadays we have the Nolan Trilogy and now Ben Affleck and looking back on this now, we can't help but see this as campy, but at the time, this was groundbreaking. For that, I would say going back to watch the original Batman film is a delight. I'm happy it's a part of my collection and I'd gladly watch it again.
September 30, 2016
Batman has become a classic since its release in 1989, a staple in the superhero movie genre. It is directed by none other than Tim Burton, and stars Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger. The film follows the Caped Crusader as he battles Gotham City's first supervillain: The Joker.

Now, forget the Dark Knight being the star of the movie. Jack Nicholson steals the show as Joker, owning every scene he's in with corny one-liners and a homicidal sense of humor. Michael Keaton also does very well, not just as Batman, but as Bruce Wayne, too. Kim Basinger wasn't bad as Vicki Vale, but I didn't like how her character was screaming constantly.

Danny Elfman does a wonderful job as the composer for Batman's score. I have the soundtrack for Batman and its sequel, Batman Returns, and Elfman's music brings a dark and creepy tone to Tim Burton's already gothic atmosphere. "The Batman Theme" is one of the best pieces I've heard in a film, and one of the best main themes, too. Prince also worked on the film, and wrote/performed songs for this movie's soundtrack.

Now, this movie has many great moments. The "Axis Chemicals" shootout was fast-paced and awesome. The art museum scene, accompanied by Prince's "Partyman", is an upbeat and fun scene. And the balloon parade, also with a Prince song, "Trust", is a cool scene to watch, considering Joker's funny balloons and the entrance of the Batwing. The fight scenes are choreographed well, and bring Batman's badassery to the screen with ease. Now, let's talk about what I don't like: the script. It is not good. At all. It definitely makes for some awkwardness between the characters, and obviously, that isn't a good thing. It does have some funny quotes, though, the majority coming from the Joker. I also did not like the character of Alexander Knox. To me, he just felt like the under-appreciated, annoying guy who says crap like "Can I have a grant?" (which he actually said, by the way), and I felt as a character, he was kind of unnecessary to the story. He's not in any of the comics, so the filmmakers could've avoided him, but they added him anyway. There were some other weaker characters, but I'm not going to waste time talking about them. Overall, the movie is very good, has great characters and is a classic superhero film. But it suffers from a bad script, and some poorly done characters.
September 29, 2016
Almost perfect.

The movie is dark, some fun, has an amazing Cast, goods scenarios. Although was released in a year as 1989, had a good quality.
½ September 29, 2016
Many works study the idea that Batman may be as crazy as the criminals he fights; this is one of the few which seems to believe it. For the most part our hero seems to wander through the film dazed and confused about who and what he is and why he does what he does, only reacting to events as they happen. This version is not a Batman we should root for; he is not likable, only occasionally sympathetic and certainly not heroic. His portrayal is all over the place; sometimes he is a grim, compassionless anti-hero, other times a goofy crusader promising to fight the 'forces of evil', but there's very little indication he strives to work for the benefit of others or to make a better world, instead he is a self-absorbed loner who puts on another persona to make feel good by beating up criminals. Burton has simply told his standard story of an awkward loner in a society of idiots, who expresses himself in an unusual way, but unlike Edward Scissorhands, we are got given reason to care about the title character. This interpretation, loose as it is, could've worked well in many ways, to humanise or demonise him, or simply to explore the man; instead we are left feeling as disconnected from events in the film as Batman seems to be.
Not being let in to the mind of the main character we see Batman from the point of view of two journalists. Unfortunately, we don't get a potential heroic protagonist here either; the entertaining and good-hearted one of the pair is quickly shunted aside for the dull one that falls for and is then abused by our 'hero'. Again the film misses a chance to make good use of this set-up to explore this potentially interesting character from an outsider's perspective.
Nicholson's Joker much lauded portrayal of the clown prince of crime is really little more than channelling Caesar Romero's from the '60's, with a bit more malice behind the eyes. Again nothing wrong with that per se , but the rest of the film is so pantomime that the Joker doesn't stand out as crazy as he should. With Batman's behaviour so extreme and unheroic the Joker isn't set up as his nemesis through opposing philosophies but plot contrivances, and their confrontations are almost entirely without suspense. The aesthetics are the greatest achievement with the design of Gotham and the Elfman score allowing at least some avenue for escapism in a movie that is only ever skin deep.
½ September 26, 2016
Not the best Batman movie, but still, this movie set the standards for modern comic book films.
September 26, 2016
Michael Keaton is Batman! We're it not for him and Burton's vision then Christopher Nolans Batman may never have happened, and we would have been left with a 21st century Adam West version of Batman.
September 23, 2016
And here comes the second of the world's finest, in another terrible movie.
September 19, 2016
September 10, 2016
It's hard to compare it to the Dark Knight but I think everyone can agree that's worth a watch. Jack is a fantastic Joker and practically takes over the movie from the subtle Keaton. I can watch Jack's performance over and over again.
September 5, 2016
Having Tim Burton help with this film was an amazing idea in regards to the entire Gothic feel of the Dark Knight, dark, twisted and somewhat comical. This film had everything you could possibly want for the late 80s and still continues to be an epic masterpiece to this day.
September 4, 2016
Clasico de Tim Burton
September 4, 2016
Tim Burton is undoubtedly a great choice for director. His vision for Gotham and its ranged cast of characters is impeccable. Nicholson's prrformance as the Joker is topped only by Ledger's magnificence, but still great in its own right.

Batman is a great time for any Batfan.

Grade: B+
½ August 31, 2016
At the time, this seemed like a dark, gritty and very modern updating of the caped crusader, but in hindsight it's very much the darker twin of Richard Donner's Superman. No, it's not perfect, but it's so much better than DC's current slate that watching it again is a reminder that Batman and the DC universe used to be fun. Watch this and 1978's Superman, and be reminded of how good these characters (and their films' production design) could be.
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