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December 14, 2017
Tim Burton sets the scene and the Joker steals it! Great set pieces and a stand out performance by Nicholson, a dark Gothic feast!
½ December 7, 2017
Batman: Poorly casted, slughish and over the top acting. Batman is a weak comic book adaptation that has aged horribly.
½ November 29, 2017
Many consider this a classic, and honestly, I don't get why. I found this film to be incredibly dissapointing. I expected a dark, gritty film from this, and what I got was a film that tried to be dark and serious, but ultimately just came off as cheesy. Also, I thought that jack nicholson was INSUFFERABLE as the joker. I absolutely hated his performance! Michael keaton admittedly did a pretty good job as batman, but everyone else outside of the main hero and villian were so bland and forgettable. It surprises me how many people still consider this the best batman movie when it has really aged poorly. I know people will hate me for this, but 1989's batman is quite possibly the worst film I've ever seen. I would
honestly rather watch batman and robin 10 times in a row than sit through
this film ever again. The people who still enjoy it are allowed to do so, but I will never understand why they do.
November 26, 2017
This was the first serious Batman movie and I think they did a good work on this film. Keaton's Batman was great, although his Bruce Wayne wasn't good at all. Overall, I think it was a great movie, that leaded to all the great next Batman movies, but Batman and Robin.
November 21, 2017
When I was a kid I loved this movie, the characters, the performances by Nicholson and Keaton and the score, oh that amazing Danny Elfman score, I actually bought it and listened to it, all summer, on my summer vacation. While it doesn't hold up as well as some make it out, especially against Nolan's amazing Batman movies, I still love this movie.
½ November 21, 2017
Classic film, great visuals and music
November 20, 2017
i just like batman. he has the best toys n $$
November 15, 2017
this movie is pretty much amazing in every way! its dark and serious and does everything you would want for a comic book movie. the actors are amazing! they take everything very seriously and it makes you feel like you are watching a moving comic book, especially jack Nicholson! he is amazing as the joker. this is one of the best comic book movie's ever! i strongly recommend it!
November 3, 2017
Slightly campy today, but wildly imaginative and inspired performances.
November 1, 2017
The best Batman movie yet, Tim Burton got all of the scenes very right. The movie is very funny, dark, and much action.
October 29, 2017
The dark and Gothic like atmosphere is what Batman is all about and it works so well.
This is by far the best Batman movie ever made I know I may get some backlash for this, But hey who cares.
The constant battle between Batman and Bruce Wayne is portrayed so well by Keaton and the sheer Lunacy of the Joker its almost as if the Joker was created just for Jack Nicholson.
The movie sums up what Batman truly is, it doesn't take itself too seriously and when it does need to serious it is done right.
For this reason and many others like no stupid Batman voice and the Joker having a bit of fun instead of being more psycho serial killer is why I think this movie personifies BATMAN.
October 27, 2017
Amazing movie from my childhood
October 20, 2017
Not the best Batman it's to old fashioned Batman played by Michael Keaton would not be my first pick to play Batman, however Michael Keaton is better at Batman in the movie Batman returns! and Jack Nicholson played Joker he was not as good as Heath ledger, so there is known way Michael Keaton and jack Nicholson can you be better that's what I think. But there where some funny moments with Joker but I prefer the newer ones
October 8, 2017
I remember seen Scooby-Doo cartoon with Batman and Robin before I saw this movie on VHS its was awesome Batman movie for my childhood, but everyone who like Michael Keaton is Batman
October 4, 2017
September 29, 2017
A somewhat dated, but still extremely entertaining super hero film. This movie is still quite good. I hadn't seen it in close to probably about ten years or so, but man did this bring back some memories. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) is a somewhat enigma of a character on the streets of Gotham. We don't find out too much about him in this film and what we do get is a darker take on him (thanks much to the director Tim Burton). Anywho this film largely revolves around the origin of the Joker (Jack Nicholson) and how Batman does battle with him. We basically have an early version of Batman where he isn't as well known. People are scared of him and not sure what he's all about. In comes Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger) a photojournalist who is trying to find out more about Batman. Meanwhile a thug named Jack Napier (Nicholson) is double crossed by his crime boss which leads him into an early encounter with Batman at a chemical plant Jack falls into a vat of chemicals and comes out as the maniac the Joker. The Joker begins terrorizing Gotham and it's up to Batman to put an end to his reign of terror. The film is dark and moody and like I said this is Tim Burtons kind of movie. it's very campy at times, but it just works out so well. Nicholson is an absolute delight as the Joker and easily steals all of the scenes he's in. Keaton is great too here and while we don't get too much of his backstory it's fleshed out enough and not overdone (as it would be in future sequels). Overall, it's a fun film that still holds up regardless of the dated material.
September 23, 2017
In the late 1980's, the super-hero genre was still a little bit strange and some characters like Batman weren't that easy to adapt into the lastest cinema. Fortunately, Tim Burton's visionary style and precise vision allowed him to make one of the most ambicious super-hero movies ever made. "Batman" is a great forever classic. Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson knew what they were doing and, thanks to them, today's actors who portray Batman and The Joker are more oriented and taught. This movie isn't just good, is important!
½ September 11, 2017
(2.5/5) Though its flashy, Nicholson is a great Joker, Keaton is a great batman (but bland Bruce Wayne), and it has some exhilarating action sequences, this one is bogged down by a thin script that doesn't do much with its story or characters. The real champion of this film is Danny Elfman and his amazing score.
September 7, 2017
favorite batman movie of all time
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