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½ January 21, 2015
Me gustó más To Have and have not y El Halcón Maltés.
½ December 29, 2014
Brilliant film-making and great performances. Not a second is wasted. Classic.
November 20, 2014
This continues the incredible run of films Bogie made with now-wife Lauren Bacall. Crackling script ran to perfection by Howard Hawks. Essential, especially for fans of detective thrillers or simply well-made movies.
October 11, 2014
This film threw me round a couple of times but considering I was only half watching it I'm not sure 'indecipherable' is the right term to describe it.

Having now seen it, however, I can understand why it's considered such a success.
½ October 4, 2014
My only complain: very intricate plot. Sometimes hard, but not less enjoyable, to follow. Note: second movie in a week with some reference to Mr. Proust. Perhaps it's a signal!
½ September 10, 2014
Me gustó más To Have and have not y El Halcón Maltés.
½ September 4, 2014
Hard to believe I haven't got round to watching this any sooner. It is indeed a great pic, but I was definitely uncomfortable with the moral ambiguity of covering up all Carmen's criminal behavior. Apparently Marlowe is fine with the idea of framing someone else for a murder she committed as well as covering up her involvement in opium and pornography, lamely concluding that they can send her somewhere to get help. Because, of course, she has a rich and indulgent dad. Today, we'd be reading about her on the covers of the tabloids while standing in line at the grocery store.
½ August 15, 2014
I watched this movie after I heard the news of Lauren Bacall's death. The dialogues are really well written. I like how the main characters tease each other each time they meet. You can sense the chemistry between those two, but I guess it's normal since they were married. It's a great movie.
August 13, 2014
When Raymond Chandler, William Faulkner and Howard Hawks come together, you can raise your prospect to the maximum, and The Big Sleep delivers.
½ August 13, 2014
If To Have and Have Not was Howard Hawks attempting to emulate Casablanca, The Big Sleep is his take on the Maltese Falcon. And, like his previous effort with Bogart and Bacall, it doesn't quite reach the heights of its inspiration, it's still an enthralling picture in its own right, due largely to the intense chemistry between its two leads. The plot, if scrutinized, is hard to follow and terribly complex - many of the murders in the film remain unsolved (or at least unexplained to the audience) by the time it's over. But Hawks paces the movie so quickly, with new twists, red herrings, and murder at every turn, that it hardly matters; the movie is pure pulpy fun.
August 12, 2014
Classic detective thriller thanks to Howard Hawks expert direction of the superb casting of Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall in the lead roles. While the byzantine plot is a bit confusing (reportedly, even Raymond Chandler didn't know how one of the characters died), but Hawks direction keeps things interesting on every frame, especially when Boggy & Bacall heat up the screen, making for not only one of the best detective films ever made but the best of the Boggy/Bacall pictures. A true classic.
August 3, 2014
A complicated plot shredded into tens of pieces in which you have to bring up together to reform the original puzzle, The Big Sleep features a magnificent cast with powerful performances and a solid script and a long memorable atmosphere.
July 24, 2014
Bogart and Bacall in a Chandler classic! What more needs to be said?
½ July 12, 2014
Marlowe is certainly the original and the best. The movie is no less a complex tale than the book, but Bogart gives our protagonist grit and undeniable charm.
July 10, 2014
Overlong and complicated, The Big Sleep's status as a noir classic can be attributed largely to Bogart's lead performance.
½ July 4, 2014
The Big Sleep is an entertaining film. It is about private detective Philip Marlowe who is hired by a rich family. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Howard Hawks did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this movie because of the drama and mystery. The Big Sleep is a must see.
½ June 24, 2014
A really great adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel that uses Bogart's and Bacall's chemistry and Howard Hawks' talent for directing dialogue to great effect. The Production Code makes it difficult to deal with the novel's pornography and drug use, but it is handled well ... I don't think anybody watching the film could be the least bit confused about what isn't explicity mentioned. My one strong reservation is that one of the movie's greatest strengths ... Bogart and Bacall's chemistry ... leads to a anticlimactic ending that replaces the novel's magnificent defeatism with an unearned upbeat ending.
June 22, 2014
It has way too many characters and the plot can get confusing and overly detailed, but The Big Sleep rests solely on Humphrey Bogart's shoulders who gives his typically smartass, strong performance, also helping a lot in the humor which is observant and quite vigorous. Having in mind all that and that there are well executed action sequences, fast pacing and sophisticated, very smart dialogue in abundance, this noir film succeeds on many levels.
Super Reviewer
June 17, 2014
I read The Maltese Falcon, Laura, and The Big Sleep, three books that led to film-noir classics, before watching the films. Of course this 40s film has to tiptoe around the pornography in Raymond Chandler's book. In each of these mystery books that led to film-noir movies, I was surprised by how little detective work is actually done. Things fall into the detectives' laps and events kind of work themselves out: fate is a powerful force. In this one Chandler novel that I've read and the movie based upon it, Philip Marlowe works just a bit harder than Dashiell Hammett's Samuel Spade. Things are left up to chance a little less. It is a convoluted plot of seductive dames, dangerous hoods, and deals gone wrong. The high contrast photography and slightly more action packed story feels like it properly belongs in the film-noir genre.
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