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March 20, 2017
Vulgar for its time and a little creepy. Black Christmas turns the happiness of the holidays into a deadly scheme.
½ February 28, 2017
An under-appreciated slasher classic.
January 15, 2017
Interesting in its characterization...usually these are all just hack-and-slash tripe, but this one *is* trying to be more than that. The women are all pretty good, with the material they are provided.
January 2, 2017
Seeing as it laid the foundation for many of my favorite horror flicks and directors, I had to give somewhat of a good rating. But, honestly, I was bored for most of it, and not because I'm young and used to more extreme forms of horror. The pacing is way off and many scenes for the first half of the movie are unnecessarily long and redundant. They add nothing to the story. The main protagonist (Jess) is not believable or likable. I did not find this movie funny or scary (except the FE phone exchange... that was pretty good), which may actually be a generational gap issue. One redeming quality is the camera work. It showcases classic horror shots, clearly serving as an inspiration to Carpenter. Any of the suspensegenerated in this film comes from the camera work, not the acting, voiceovers, script, or gags.
December 25, 2016
This is both a true Christmas classic and a Canadian classic. It's a must watch at this time of year. It's still surprisingly effective.
½ December 18, 2016
Untraditional horror movie. Medium + in seriously and a little dirty.
½ December 17, 2016
Kinda has a non-ending, but it's a pretty good, weird-ish thriller with a good cast.
½ December 15, 2016
In general I consider myself a hater of horror movies. However, there are a couple of genres of horror films that tend to work better for me than others, and those are mysteries and thrillers. Black Christmas has some elements of both of those genres. The inventive use of the handheld camera as the point-of-view for the killer worked brilliantly for creating tension, and allowed them to fool you at times that the killer might be watching when he actually wasn't. I found the movie progressively more tense, and even though many of the things found in this film have become tropes of the genre, they still work well here. I like that it takes some time before we nail down which of the girls will be the "final girl," and that there are a lot of male suspects introduced that allow us to speculate about the identity of the killer. The ending was what I expected in one way, but then completely surprised me in another way (which I won't spoil.) I have to admit, even though I like how the film is constructed and respect the groundbreaking techniques, it's still not a style of movie that I will ever love. For big fans of horror, I think Black Christmas should almost be required viewing, because of how it inspired so much that came after it. For those who don't like horror, you might still enjoy it (because there's very little gore,) but it delivers some effective scares.
December 5, 2016
A quaint creepy movie from the 70s which was one of the ones responsible for endless rip offs.
½ November 29, 2016
Superb horror thriller that remains one of the best in the slasher genre, along with being a fun, dark addition to the Christmas movie rotation. The cast is solid across the board, giving a realistic portrayal to their characters (Margo Kidder is fun as the boozy sorority sister while John Logan brings gravitas as the police detective in charge of the case). Behind the camera, Bob Clark brings an understated & realistic take on horror thrillers, as characters react normally (as soon as one girl disappears, the police are contacted, who act with a determined manner). There are some nice, dated thrills as well, especially the police's attempt to track the killer's phone calls as the technician must race through the phone bank to find it. Overall, one of the best horror thrillers of the genre and a nice, dark addition to the holiday movie line-up.
July 31, 2016
A very good horror movie, combining the right amount of scares and suspense, without being to harcore thanks to it's little amount of gore for a slasher film. This flick is heavy on dark atmosphere, with also a disturbing and unknown serial killer. The camera angles are very creative and spooky and the POV shots are good too. And full of likeable characters, and a good Christmas score, this must be the best Christmas horror/slasher film ever. Recommended !!
July 29, 2016
Clark's sense of dread, along with terrific performances from Hussey, Kidder, Saxon, Martin and Waldman, make Black Christmas another slasher masterpiece.
½ July 21, 2016
Don't fucking bother with this movie, it's boring, it's not scary,it's also got a very low body count so yeah it is NOT worth your time, watch the 2006 remake/reboot instead.
½ July 20, 2016
Original movie regarding a unseen killer who is stalking some girls at a sorority house. I had seen the remake a few years back and was impressed and decided to watch the original to see if it was better but surprisingly i was disappointed. While there are some genuine moments of creepiness the movie doesnt really pick up any steam and just plogs along slowly. It just doesnt hold up well and the kill scenes are really quite boring and less to come by. The story itself also has a lot of holes and is actually much better explained and laid out in the remake.

July 18, 2016
Here is the grandmother of the slasher film, four years before Halloween. Black Christmas' power is impossible to deny; its characters are compelling, the imagery poignant, and the acting top-notch. It's no great wonder that John Carpenter would cite this repeatedly in his own seminal film, also an independent horror production with a tiny budget. For the most part, he not only duplicated, but multiplied the success found in this film, as most horror fans would concede that Halloween probably holds up much better than Black Christmas in terms of scares. It still remains surprisingly tense, but it sort of whiffs the climactic set piece, and much of its energy has been stolen from the films it left in its wake. This doesn't do much to discount its incredibly sharp script - Margot Kidder clearly relishes every line given to her - or the sinister flourishes that populate this snowy, quiet universe. Absolutely essential viewing for any horror fan, especially those with slashy inclinations.
July 12, 2016
Despite some decent moments and performances, Black Christmas is largely without purpose and without life.
July 10, 2016
Ah the young children who rate this movie as crap is hilarious and ridiculous. You dont know a good classic if it slapped you in the face. You shouldn't be rating movies if you think the remake of this is better. Im not even old or mide aged and i think this movie is genius and brilliant. I can appreciate a classic, good horror. Its a goos holiday flick for REAL horror fans. Great acting, everything was put together well. The phone calls were mt favorite. I own the collectors edition, reading the interviews and facts about this film just made it more amazing in my eyes. And as a Canadian, im pretty happy that its Canadian based. Excellent choice of movie if you ask me.
½ May 28, 2016
Eerily shot and atmospheric.... Black Christmas does hold up pretty well. It's bizarre, unnerving and fun.
May 8, 2016
A 1974 tale of a sorority house that is terrorised by obscene phone calls from an unknown assailant. Unfortunately, the taunts then turn into murders as the girls fall victim to a mysterious madman lurking in the attic of their very own home. As the numbers dwindle one by one, suspicions turn to one of the boyfriends who has seemingly lost the plot after he receives the news his girlfriend is pregnant and planning an abortion - Do they have the right man though? Only time will tell. I guess the plot is like a very early version of 'Scream', with the killer scaring their victims by phone calls before going after them. They actually use more choice words in this though, opting to be far more crude and dropping the odd 'c-bomb' now and again, yet we never really see who they are as the murders are all done without a face being revealed. Despite it being easy enough to follow, I don't like the way some of the deaths are done out of sight so we assume they have been called, and I also think it's very unrealistic that the bodies of the victims are never found. I mean if several people have been reported missing or killed, surely the first place one would look is the rest of the house, including the attic? The whole thing is very open to interpretation as its not even confirmed why the psycho is doing what they're doing. On several occasions they refer to Agnes - who is she, an abusive mother, an imaginary friend? None of it truly makes sense and it is never revealed to us, leaving us hanging. If i remember correctly, I'm sure this is something that the more recent remake actually improves upon, but in truth it shouldn't have to. I always enjoy a film with this type of set-up where numbers dwindle and we're left guessing up until the last minute, but even with this twist ending, it never really made sense, and there were too many loose ends left untied for me. For an oldie, it's a goodie, but the baddie was a baddie and not a classic villain that would ever be remembered in horror history.
March 13, 2016
This is a classic Candadian horror film that pre-sated "Halloween" to usher in the slasher film. This movie has several big name stars including Olivia Hussey("Romeo and Juliet"), Keir Dullea("2001: A Space Odyssey"), and Margot Kidder("Superman"). i didn't love it, but was worth a watch for its historical context. Give a watch if a fan of the genre.
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