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½ April 19, 2015
The crisp visuals and healthy action of this sci-fi film are impossible to escape from once you are sucked in.
½ April 4, 2015
A motley space crew happen upon a mysterious ship hanging out near a black hole, so they decide to investigate. Upon entering the mystery ship, they discover a lone (mad) scientist inhabiting the vessel with his team of robots. When the scientist's explanation for the whereabouts of the rest of the ship's crew doesn't add up, the diverse group of interlopers decide they must depart before they are put in harm's way as the scientist is bent on sailing through the black hole. He eventually gets his wish, but is rewarded with an eternity in literal hellfire. The amazing final minutes are a cinema masterpiece, but do not excuse the unoriginal story, slow-paced melodrama, or hokey robo-humour.
January 28, 2015
Disney's cash in attempt at STAR WARS. Obviously spent money on the production making low-rent version of R2 & 3PO inexcusable. I had Black Hole wallpaper in my room and a Black Hole lunchbox as a child even though I was never a particular fan of the movie.
January 7, 2015
One of Disney's largest attempts of the Sci Fi genre & although it's not timeless it's fairly entertaining.

The story of astronauts coming across a mad scientist preparing & planning to enter a Black Hole.

Well before the days of CGI & effects & art design are too notch the sets are so expansive & vast. The acting is a little wooden but it's a fun film that is a lot more Fi than Sci...
December 16, 2014
This late-70s sci-fi film from Disney can be somewhat charming due to its old school effects and style, but it is dated and I'd being lying if I said it held up well. It also has a somewhat talky and slightly confusing script. It was only confusing near the end really, so maybe my focus just drifted. It didn't have enough going for it to keep me interested, and despite the cool effects and some fun robot designsi, that isn't really enough to make it worthwhile.
November 25, 2014
Pure Cult Status camp like Batman Effort!
½ November 14, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
November 13, 2014
tedious and slow with some very wooden acting, stupid garbage bin droids add to the torture.Some decent effects and sets at least give something to look at,thank god I never saw this as a kid or I may have had pangs of nostalgia for this mess
August 29, 2014
It is my choice of worst movie ever. Music awful,script awful, acting awful, realism, awful, scientifically inaccurate. Ugggh
August 18, 2014
has a special place in my heart love it
August 14, 2014
The sets and characters alone make this movie great.
August 11, 2014
I know there are a lot of poor reviews for this film. Maybe it's nostalgia, but to this day I love this movie. The VFX were done well. I personally enjoy optical and practical fx over digital fx any day of the week though. I think most people's issue with this film stem from the fact that the human characters in this move are not fleshed out very well. In reality the robots Bob and Vincent are the main protagonists, and for my money are the heart and soul of this film. Also Remember this film came out before TRON. If you love the original TRON film and have not seen this do yourself a favor and watch it,
½ August 3, 2014
Great movie. Good acting, good-at-the-time special effects, and state-of-the-art score by the late John Barry.
July 27, 2014
(First and only viewing - 9/18/2010)
½ June 22, 2014
Goofy nonsense that takes itself way too seriously. Some of the scenes are well shot.
½ May 31, 2014
A truly underrated sci-fi gem. Before 'Event Horizon' there was 'The Black Hole'.
A surprisingly Dark effort from Disney at time. 9/10
May 29, 2014
Nearing the end of a long mission exploring deep space, the spacecraft USS Palomino is returning to Earth. The crew consists of Captain Dan Holland (Robert Forster), First Officer Lieutenant Charlie Pizer (Joseph Bottoms), journalist Harry Booth (Ernest Borgnine), ESP-sensitive scientist Dr. Kate McCrae (Yvette Mimieux), the expedition's civilian leader Dr. Alex Durant (Anthony Perkins) and the robot V.I.N.CENT ("Vital Information Necessary CENTralized") (Roddy McDowall). The Palomino crew discover a black hole in space with a spaceship nearby, somehow defying the hole's massive gravitational pull. The ship is identified as the long-lost USS Cygnus, the ship McCrae's father served aboard when it went missing. Deciding to investigate, the Palomino encounters a mysterious null gravity field surrounding the Cygnus. The Palomino becomes damaged when it drifts away from the Cygnus and into the black hole's intense gravity field, but the ship manages to move back to the Cygnus and finds itself able to dock to what initially appears to be an abandoned vessel. The Palomino crew warily boards the Cygnus and soon encounter the ship's commander, Dr. Hans Reinhardt (Maximilian Schell), a brilliant scientist. Aided by a crew of faceless, black-robed android drones and his sinister looking robot Maximilian, Reinhardt explains that he has lived all alone on the Cygnus for years. After the ship encountered a meteor field and was disabled, he ordered the human crew to return to Earth, but Kate's father chose to remain aboard and has since died. Reinhardt then reveals that he has spent the past 20 years studying the black hole and intends to fly the Cygnus through it. Only Durant believes it is possible and asks to accompany Reinhardt on the trip. The rest of the Palomino crew grow suspicious of the faceless drones' human-like behaviour: Booth sees a robot limping and Holland witnesses a robot funeral and discovers the Cygnus crew's personal items in the ship's living quarters. Old B.O.B. (BiO-sanitation Battalion), a battered early model robot similar to V.I.N.CENT, explains that the faceless drones are in fact the human crew, who mutinied when Reinhardt refused to return to Earth and had been lobotomized and "reprogrammed" by Reinhardt to serve him. McCrae's father had led the mutiny and was killed. Using telepathy, V.I.N.CENT tells Kate the truth about what happened. Soon enough Reinhardt holds the crew captive, after realising that they can help him reach his goal...

"The Black Hole" was Disney's big Christmas release in 1979. It had a big budget, the first PG rating and big stars in the main roles. At $20 million (plus another $6 million for the advertising budget), it was at the time the most expensive picture ever produced by Disney. The movie earned nearly $36 million at the North American box office, making it the 21st highest grossing film of 1979. However it received mixed reviews from critics. Famed critic Roger Ebert gave the film 2 stars out of 4 upon its release, saying it "takes us all the way to the rim of space only to bog us down in a talky melodrama whipped up out of mad scientists and haunted houses." Meanwhile, The New York Times, Time Magazine and Variety all praised the film. The special effects were generally acclaimed by the press. The film received two Academy Award nominations: One for Best Visual Effects and one for Best Cinematography. Author John Kenneth Muir wrote an extensive review of the film that delved into some of the nuances and metaphysical ideas which marked The Black Hole as more adult-oriented fare than Disney had previously been involved with. At the time of its release, the movie featured the longest computer graphics sequence that had ever appeared in a film: the "green grid" sequence that appears under the opening titles. I remember vividly when this movie came out, I was 7 years old, and excited. But, still too young to see it at the movies, so I bought the comic album instead. And of some reason I havenīt seen the movie until now, over 30 years later. And I did like it. Yes, you have to bare with some dodgy effects that was top notch in 1979, and maybe some editing/direction that not always keep things together. But, the metaphysical ideas and the questioning of something higher and diviner behind the black hole is intriguing. The metaphors of the black hole can be discussed both scientifically and literally. Solid acting from "heavyweights" such as Maximilian Schell, Ernest Borgnine and Anthony Perkins. "The Black Hole" is a mix of a Disney kid adventure and a more adult sci-fi movie, but yet it works. But, the ending had some floaty existential layers that was unexpected I most say. But, all in all "The Black Hole" is an alright sci-fi adventure with layers of my liking.
½ May 26, 2014
90 minutes of trite nonsense to finally discover that you can enter a black hole, get every atom of your body squeezed into plank length singularity along with billions of suns and then come out smiling with your perm untouched and a shinier cherry lip gloss that truly pops
April 13, 2014
Yeahhh um.. it's no Star Wars
April 3, 2014
The U.S.S. Cygnus is perched precariously at the edge of a black hole - the vast, empty nothingness where space and time end. Anything that crosses its border enters a universe of the complete unknown. And so begins a story of robots and humanoids. Of human genius and madness. And a spectacular descent into nature's ultimate mystery - The Black Hole.

stars Anthony Perkins, Ernest Borgnine, Maximillian Schell, Yvette Mimieux, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms, Tom McLoughlin, Roddy McDowall and Slim Pickens.

directed by Gary Nelson.
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