The Border Reviews

April 27, 2018
The Border is surprisingly tepid stuff for a Jack Nicholson vehicle.
May 10, 2008
April 21, 2007
If you want to see Jack Nicholson give a simple, compelling performance with absolutely no hambone antics, look no further than this underrated drama.
April 14, 2006
There's nothing very memorable except for Nicholson's subdued brooding performance.
June 30, 2005
June 12, 2005
Nicholson as border cop is interesting casting.
April 28, 2005
April 13, 2005
March 18, 2004
Assumindo caractersticas de western, o filme faz uma bela crtica s hipocrisias e futilidades do american way of life e traz uma das melhores atuaes de Nicholson.
February 4, 2004
Jack Nicholson's vivid and earnest performance holds The Border together.