The Boston Strangler Reviews

August 19, 2013
An intriguing and underrated film with a great deal to say.
August 8, 2007
An excellent movie, Curtis' best role ever as the tortured Albert DeSalvo. the documentary-style suits the film perfectly. wonderfully underplayed and suspenseful from beginning to end.
October 9, 2005
Another fascinating true-crime drama by the underestimated Richard Fleischer. A cast against type Tony Curtis is excellent as killer Albert DeSalvo.
July 14, 2005
May 9, 2005
To be avoided as surely as a stranger who appears at your door and identifies himself as a plumber whom you have not called.
April 13, 2005
November 19, 2004
October 23, 2004
July 27, 2004
January 2, 2004
Curtis works hard to give his character some force in one of his best performances.
August 5, 2002
July 30, 2002
July 26, 2002
July 26, 2002
Pretty nasty stuff for its time.