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September 1, 2013
I never had seen this one. Watched it last night....and I reallthing it was far beyond its years. The subject matter is very heady, but its pretty well done, and features the beautiful FX work of Douglas Trumball. (whom also directed it). It is a subject that has been taped into dozens of times since, but this was (from an early 80's perception) pretty radical. The "brainscan" sequences are presented in ultra wide fisheyed POV format...and are super fun to watch. I may want to get a blue ray of this...The acting is so so...but certainly not too distracting.
August 17, 2013
Douglas Trumbull's stunning directorial debut is haunted by Natalie Wood's death, but the film in its final form is an unqualified triumph and decades ahead of its time.
July 26, 2013
One of my favorites and a great SF film for its day
June 9, 2013
I actually knew nothing about this movie before watching it, I just saw it on the shelves of my local library and saw that Christopher Walken was in and that was enough for me. Overall it is not that bad, it has an interesting premise, and Christopher Walken, plus getting to see all the ancient tech was fun, although it ended pretty abruptly, what happened to the main characters, did they get in trouble for what they did, were they arrested? some closure would have been nice, but overall it was OK for what it was.
May 22, 2013
I accidentally saw this when I meant to see The Dead Zone. This wasn't too good. Mostly a bunch of talk about a machine and experiments so it was more like an old documentary I was forced to watch in junior high.
Francisco G.
Super Reviewer
April 21, 2013
A sci-fi flick riddled with excellent ideas, executed rather well by the cast and interesting raw machines sfx and allucinations/first-person perspectives that is just too rigid on it's execution. The editing is so precise and analytical that makes it hard to follow these characters properly. The pacing is a bit off at times and the last "heist" segment just didn't cut it for me. Given the troubled production this movie had going, it's no surprise that there's a whole "let's just finnish this quickly" vibe going by, which is a shame cause this had the potential to have something special going like, say, Altered States for a broader audience. Missed opportunity.
½ March 15, 2013
Uma dupla de cientistas cria uma máquina que permite gravar e tocar experiências com a mesma fidelidade da vida real. Um dos cientistas grava sua própria morte e a fita vira tabu. Muito interessante notar a evolução do projeto, as interferências políticas, os saltos criativos.
½ March 15, 2013
It's been eons since I've seen this, but this curiously forgotten piece of sci fi is still somewhat relevant today what with big dreamers and gummint evil doers waiting to take over. There's a new virtual reality machine being made, and it's stunning, but when the corperation that is helping to create it sides too much with the government, the creator fights back. Christopher Walken is great being Christopher Walken, and Natalie Wood is a bit odd to look at when we're finding out this was her last movie ever. Well worth seeing (again)
January 22, 2013
Very science No fiction
December 19, 2012
An impressive science fiction film that sadly was the last movie made by Natalie Wood. The film features an excellent cast, a terrific script, and some great ideas, and its only flaw is that the film barely makes use of them. Well worth watching.
½ December 1, 2012
Falls apart about halfway through. Maybe that's because of Natalie Wood's death, but I think it's just because the plot backed them into a corner.
½ September 26, 2012
The SuperPanavision worked much better in theaters.
September 24, 2012
The special effects out shadow the acting performances ~ plug in and enjoy the experience!
September 5, 2012
About exploring experience, life, love, even death, from the point of view of others--Difficult, but Talented!!
August 12, 2012
Brilliant movie God bless Natalie
July 18, 2012
Excellent science fiction
July 8, 2012
Concept was fascinating, but invention was star of the movie, not the actors. Got silly at the end.
June 24, 2012
The special effects out shadow the acting performances ~ plug in and enjoy the experience!
½ June 10, 2012
yeah this was good to a point....and i don't know....i think it was a good movie but i was confused at times......I also felt the Horner score bothered me a lot because it was like he had just grabbed his Star Trek III music and Aliens music and dumped it into this....its great music though...
May 13, 2012
Great sci-fi adventure especially the ending
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