Bright Lights, Big City Reviews

August 29, 2019
Bright Lights, Big City is no worse than most movies that present a selfindulgent, self-pitying WASP male view of the world.
November 9, 2008
Flyblown, devoid of pace and heat; it's such a mortician's slab that it's hard to even tell if the Fox performance is wasted on it, though I suspect it is.
June 18, 2008
truth be told, nothing much happens other than a series of increasingly mortifying benders
February 18, 2007
June 15, 2005
February 8, 2004
January 1, 2000
The movie is like a Porsche outfitted with a lawn mower engine; there's not even enough juice to get the machine out of the driveway.
April 1, 1988