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½ February 3, 2014
Entertaining coming-of-age movie set amongst the California surf culture. It's low budget, with the music mostly new songs composed by Fred Karlin. But, given it's production limitations, it does a very good job as a character study. And, the movie gives you a good sense of place and time.
July 2, 2013
Whiny wimp goes to California to further his dead brothers jazz career and make a name for himself in beautiful California. He learns how to surf, pick up chicks and have fun.Not bad with some good heart warming spots and likeable characters. Good tunes and good cast make this worth while.
½ April 13, 2012
Why is it not on DVD or VHS?
September 6, 2011
I was wondering if anyone has seen this this where he wakes up and is raining and realizes it was all just a dream ??
October 24, 2010
Can't wait to watch this on Netflix tonight.
November 4, 2009
I have to admit; the song is what drew me to this film. What can I say about it, typical beach movie of the late seventies. Terrible acting, tanned bodies, and a california ocean view focused around the surf gods.
½ August 16, 2009
Good movie for back in the day as well as a pretty good soundtrack
July 8, 2008
Don't ask me why but this was a movie that had a great effect on me when I was younger. Made me a fan of Dennis Christopher and I also own the soundtrack.
July 4, 2007
only got bloody hollywood in here. new romanian movie by same title is pretty good.
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