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October 30, 2015
Weird Soundtrack That Sounds Like It's Straight Out Of Early Star Trek Episode. The Story Also Didn't Seem To Fit With The Original Novel. Seemed Very Adhoc & Crap As Editing.
February 11, 2013
I'm not gonna say much about this movie so lets get on with it. So I had to read this book in a book club and then I saw the movie. Like the book, this movie makes no fucking sense. I don't know who anyone is, or why anyone's doing anything. I think it was supposed to be more about dogs, but i think it was more about humans than dogs. At one point in this movie, one of the dogs sounded like chewbacca, which Star Wars wasn't even out yet. I don't recommend this to anyone unless u like movies that r DOG SHIT! That's really all I have to say until tomorrow's review. Ttyl
December 7, 2012
Well written screen-play. Plenty of action. Entertaining. I disagree with the assessments of the actors. They are all very competent. I thought the problem was more to do with the directing which was off at times and made it seem a little choppy. The director didn't get the depth out of Heston that he was certainly capable of. My main note is that the animal cruelty in this film (the beatings and whippings of the animals, not the sledding) is quite brutal and this certainly is NOT a "family adventure" as the VHS box states in two different places. I wouldn't show it to anyone under 12 or 13. Also, the VHS print I watched was very poor indeed. Is there a remastered DVD available? If so, the visuals would be spectacular.
½ July 20, 2012
this was horrible! there was no plot and was really corny and not put together well at all!
October 20, 2011
When I was a kid, I can remember my mom always talking about how much she hated this book and the subsequent movie. That, of course, made me want to read the book and see the movie. So I did, as soon as I had a chance. And then I completely understood why she hated them so much. I just tried watching it again, with an open mind, and I couldn't get past the constant animal abuse and the bleakness of it all. I'll never understand how this has managed to become a classic.
January 9, 2011
Yeah this is Hell of a Adventure Film Chuck Heston and a Real Hard Assed Dog in Alaska fighting against George Eastman, Drunken Canadians & a Pack of Indians
½ November 27, 2010
Yeah this was a very horribly made movie w/ bad acting w/ a badly written screenplay. Just save uself ur hour and a half and watch somethin else!
October 22, 2010
I could never get into the book, but this movie is beyond worth it!
October 5, 2010
i remember the film i think it was a book to
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½ October 2, 2010
Buck is stolen from his home in California and sold to a group of men who abuse him and eventually sell him as a sled dog. Beaten and broken for weeks by a number of different owners of sled-dog teams Buck was almost dead when he was bought and put into the service of John Thorrnton and his partner Pete's dog team. With John & Pete's kind and tender handling of him Buck became the lead sled dog and the most powerful and at the same time feared dog in the Yukon Territory.

Although he was stolen a number of times from John, and was once almost shot and killed by the local bootlegger, Buck always managed to escape and return home to John & Pete. But later the dog begins to yearn for his home in the wild where he developed a strong friendship with his distant descendants, the wild wolves in the area. Torn between his two kind and caring human masters and his wolf family Buck can't quite bring himself to break away from the two persons he love to live in the wild. This is a story of fate and of personal choices ending with a dramatic climax!
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May 20, 2010
Companionship, friendship, loyality. The three words to describe the movies theme but i have three words to describe the entire movie; kind, constructed well, lack of a cast. The Call of the Wild was very kind hearted to show what man's best friend is and how it was built about an expedition but it wasn't exactly the type of cast i wanted it to have. B+: Really good.

Plot: Our story begins with John Thornton (Charlton Heston) on his expedition to the Klondike in search of the lost mine and it's famous gold, he was not troubled about the freezing and snowy winterstorm of Canada, but he was determined to make it there. However, all that changed when he met Buck, a smart and beautiful canine companion in the grasp of an abusive lifestyle. Little of what John will do for the poor guy, he takes him in his care and the journey of the wild will begin.

Performance: One little problem about the movie was the lack in a cast, few little people were known i this movie and i was impressed with the script and the characters but i was not impressed on how they could have some lazy producers too slow to think ahead of real actors.

Writing: I would rather turn this script to Hollywood legends like Robert De Niro or Dustin Hoffman or maybe Marlon Brando to offer htem a chnace to redeem themselves even bigger back then.

Productions: Not sure what kind of words i should choose for the budget but i think i have to say is that they should have done a better job at the actors, they should have put in more glimmer stars instead.

Finalize: I would prefer this to people who really love this type, the type of friendship and powerful binds, but if you're looking for a good actor to root for; guess again.
March 13, 2010
Classic 72 movie with Heston in a strong role.
January 21, 2010
The "Call of the Wild" is an American classic that I read as a child. The movie adaption is an oversimplification of that American classic, cheapening it at least somewhat. Made even more horrible by Charlton Heston, who is perhaps the most overrated actor of his or any generation and his mediocre acting skills are very apparent in this movie.
August 30, 2009
This version of the famous story isn't as good as the 1935 version with Clark Gable and Loretta Young but this one does remain entertaining throughout. There are some major problems with the film that keeps it from being great but even through these problems there's a wonderfully touching movie here. What doesn't work is that the film appears to have originally been three hours and then edited down to its 100-minute running time. I say this because there seems to be some rough editing and there are various parts of the film that seem rushed. This becomes rather annoying but the real star here is the dog. The dog used in the film does a remarkable job and makes his role a real character and not just an animal doing tricks. Charlton Heston gives a pretty good performance and his actions with the dog are a lot of fun to watch. Michele Mercier is good as Heston's lover and George Eastman makes for a great villain. The film was shot in Finland, which leads to some terrific visuals and the movie remains entertaining all the way through. The love story between Heston and his dog is beautifully captured but some should be warned that there are a lot of scenes of animal abuse. This movie is good and a must see if you love animals.
½ February 12, 2009
this was horrible! there was no plot and was really corny and not put together well at all!
January 17, 2009
Charlton Heston in Call of the Wild? This has to be great
January 1, 2009
As good as when seen more than 20 years ago!
½ December 27, 2008
Jack London is one of my favorite American authors. Too bad this version was mediocre at best. Heston, as good an actor as he was, couldn't carry the acting load by himself. Poor supporting performances make it difficult to watch sometimes. Production values... good sets, costumes. Best part was the 2nd unit photography and action. 1st unit lighting was terrible and didn't help capture the ominous qualities of the material. Music was poorly chosen. Sure it was 1975... but that's no excuse for letting the wonderful possibilities for this one slip by. I blame the director/producer team. Sorry.
½ December 21, 2008
Had to read the book in school, I wasn't impressed
December 10, 2008
old movie. It's got Heston. That's all.
(need to watch again for a better review)
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