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February 28, 2016
This... is the greatest Christmas movie... ever... no question.
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½ February 17, 2016
One of the most beloved Christmas films ever made, A Christmas Story is a fun, nostalgic look at the innocence of childhood. The story follows a 9-year-old kid named Ralphie who wants a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas, and attempts to do everything that he can think of to get it; from bribing his teacher to seeing Santa Claus (at the department store). The film is especially well-written, particularly in how it presents the childhood point-of-view. Additionally, the sets and costumes are quite authentic, making the audience feel as if they've been transported to the 1940s. There's also a sincerity and earnestness to the performances and the humor that gives the film a certain charm. A Christmas Story is a heartwarming film that captures the wonder and magic of Christmas.
½ January 11, 2016
Lacking a coherent plot and populated by flat, mean, unlikable characters, A Christmas Story is an unfunny, irritating, painful mess of a film.
January 3, 2016
A Christmas Story is a classic during the holidays. It has that "old school" feel, the actors do a really good job, its pacing is nice, and it also has some really good funny moments. The fact it's narrated by the main boy (as an adult) gives the movie a better and more personal type mood. Like Home Alone, this is another film that's a must watch during Christmas! 4/5 OR 8/10
December 31, 2015
I get why it's so popular but how the hell is this for kids???!!! It's pretty fucked up and his family are a bunch of assholes.
½ December 31, 2015
A good Christmas classic with a good narration and occasional funny moments, but there are times it's annoying, whiny and sometimes rough. (B)

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December 27, 2015
Hate this movie. No parent should force their child into certain situations (pink bunny pjs?) While it's sort of from the kids' pov, showing how he sees the sheer meanness that surrounds him, it lacks IMO, any compassion for that kid. The family are fairly horrible. Santa is horrible.
December 26, 2015
I remember seeing this when it was first released back in the early '80's and just watched again. It's like fine wine and only seems to improve with age. Very funny and sweet with great performances from Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon as the put upon parents with only the best intentions. It's hard to believe it comes from the same mind that brought us "Porky's" and "Black Christmas". It's a true holiday classic.
December 25, 2015
I watch this film every Christmas, as a sort of religious secular way of celebrating Christmas. If you haven't seen it yet today, hurry; it's not too late, Christmas day is still not over.

By the way, Jean Shepard wrote the movie and was the narrator. He was a sort of disc jokey, humorist, story teller on the radio, I listened to him throughout high school, college, and grad school.
December 25, 2015
God I love this movie
December 25, 2015
A very simple Christmas story, about a boy, his brother, their parents and Christmas. Not much really happens - there's the tounge-stuck-to-icy-pole scene, the bully fight & the rabbit suit, but otherwise, nothing of real consequence happens. The film espouses family and love at Christmas, which is nice - all very inoffensive.
December 25, 2015
"You'll shoot your eye out."
½ December 25, 2015
Most annoying Christmas movie ever made!!! Cannot even get past the first 10 minutes of the movie because Ralphie's younger brother is SO ANNOYING!!! Just a terrible and stupid holiday movie and would take The Grinch re-make (w/ Jim Carey) over this movie ANY DAY!!!
December 25, 2015
you'll shoot your eye out kid
December 25, 2015
Always a holiday fav
December 24, 2015
Sweet and ridiculous, "A Christmas Story" is as good as it gets when it comes to storytelling, and it's somehow worth all 24 hours every Christmas Eve. One of my favorite movies,period
½ December 24, 2015
Classic and hilarious Christmas movie! I love watching it with my family every Christmas Eve!
December 23, 2015
I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the leg. Maybe the kid. I hate this film.
½ December 23, 2015
A Christmas movie this sweetly nostalgic and dryly funny merits its reputation as an annual holiday feature.
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