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October 8, 2017
True warmhearted, funny classic!!!
September 2, 2017
This was a ok movie it's a classic movie but I prefer the live-action one instead but see what you think of this one hay in my book this one was ok
½ September 1, 2017
Amazing but could do without those damn mice
½ August 27, 2017
Very good movie, but the character from movie are not clear especially for the prince, and I think Cinderella can make a resistance with her stepmother and sisters. That's all, anyway, this is good movie :)
August 3, 2017
Its spread charm and beautifulness to the audience, ''Cinderela'' is the great exemple of a solid story, with catching characters, wondurful animation and an enduring heroine that sufers on the hands of its stepmother.

|It's an 8,6 out of 10|
½ August 2, 2017
Entertaining enough, but not for a second time
June 29, 2017
I was never a big fan of the movie growing up and I'm still not
½ June 26, 2017
Cinderella serves as a step up for Disney animated movies, with good animation, a memorable story, some nice enjoyable songs and a charming heroine.
June 10, 2017
Cinderella has great songs, beautiful animation, and lovable characters. The only thing I don't like about this film is that there's not that much chemistry between Cinderella and the prince. They just fall in love as soon as they first meet each other, and that's it.
June 2, 2017
A well made film, but does not hold up very well in its themes
½ May 1, 2017
The movie is a pretty good movie but I like live-action one better
April 16, 2017
Stunning and musically well done
March 17, 2017
In my personal opinion I never truly loved this movie. Sure the villain is devious, but other than that it really wasn't anything incredible. It was just a really nice movie.
February 14, 2017
Cinderella (1950) Is considered one of Disney's best movies during the Golden Era. Does it show? Is it as great now as it was back in the 50's? Am I just a clueless 2000's kid that really doesn't know a lot about old Disney movies? The answer to all those questions is yes...For the most part. The one thing that is definitely great in the movie is the Hand drawn animation. The colors they use in this movie are so eye popping and beautiful. It almost felt like I was watching a artist's painting coming to life. I also love the sequence when Cinderella is cleaning the floor and suddenly a bunch of bubbles appear and you can see her reflection in a bunch of them. I have no idea how they managed to pull that off but that sequence is just amazing to me. The characters also are very well done and sometimes funny. Cinderella herself is a nice respectable woman despite having limits, The animals especially the mice are adorable, the fairy godmother is whimsical and funny and the evil mother is cruel but manages to keep control. They play a certain role in the story and each pull it off greatly. The little mice and the cat Lucifer, might be a little overplayed sometimes but they still leave enough time to set focus on Cinderella working toward her goals. The songs are very memorable. Each have a very gentle tone and it makes the music feel whimsical and soft. The story plays out very well. The first act of the film is kinda unfocused but it bounces right on track afterwards and it becomes the movie that I knew I was going to get. The movie is kinda cheesy but it's a good kinda cheesy and there's a lot of great stuff in the movie that is hard to ignore. I can really see why people love this movie so much. (A)
½ December 27, 2016
The animation is beautiful and the main character is likable and very attractive, but the songs and the side characters aren't very impressive and the prince's character is especially shamelessly primitive. Disney's most overrated film bar none.
November 23, 2016
My favorite Disney Princess! If I could be any Disney Princess it would be Cinderella! I used to and still have a Cinderella doll that spins around!
½ October 24, 2016
A beloved fairy tale that saved Disney from bankruptcy, "Cinderella" is still one of the company's best animated features.
October 8, 2016
Solid Disny movie, but not amazing. Cinderella is a much better character than most people give her credit for, and the Prince not being very developed doesn't bother me too much. Where this movie really gets annoying is the mice. They steal entirely too much screen time and are just annoying.
August 23, 2016
Cinderella is a both great timeless!
August 12, 2016
The classic Disney film, Cinderella sets the standard for years to come with its imaginative animation style, fun characters, and enchanting songs. Animators find a good balance between the silly gags of the mice characters and the enchanting scenes with Cinderella and her path from rags to riches. Some notably colorful characters like the king and Lady Tremaine help support the story with originality, though some characters like the Prince and the fairy godmother probably deserved some more screen time. Either way, the movie kept us captivated with its wonderful visuals, refined humor and compelling storyline.
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