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April 1, 2017
Lesser Fritz Lang effort that was apparently subject to some post-production tampering by Warner Brothers to remove some pointed anti-nuclear bomb sentiment (presumably since the US had already dropped the bomb and showed no intention of backing away from holding a nuclear arsenal). Gary Cooper plays a nuclear scientist who is recruited by the OSS to go overseas to Europe to contact other nuclear scientists who have been forced by the Nazis to contribute to their bomb-making initiative. Things move reasonably swiftly until the action moves from Switzerland to Italy and Cooper meets his love interest (Lilli Palmer). But then everything drags as they wait for offscreen events to occur. Basically, the Allies hope to convince an Italian nuclear physicist to escape with them but they need to first free his daughter who is being held hostage by the Nazis. Why we don't get to see this action beats me but instead we hang out with Cooper (who is not the most dynamic of actors at this stage in his career) and Palmer. The film wraps up soon after and when I discovered later that a fourth reel may have been deleted, this made sense. However, even so, the film doesn't really seem to link with any of Lang's major themes (a pessimistic view of societal forces that entrap the protagonist - as in the classic films noir that he directed); instead it is a straight adventure yarn, albeit with some serious consequences.
½ June 28, 2016
Fritz Lang's WWII spy thriller is dated fun.
December 9, 2014
"I'm mostly fond of cats." Predicting my life in the 2010s in 1940s.
September 29, 2014
This movie is interesting historically, but I liked it because it provided an unusual role for Gary Cooper, showing some range, and because the supporting cast was very good. I especially liked Lilli Palmer as an Italian teacher fighting Mussolini. It is also interesting that the story could be as contemporary as it is (which is not perfect) in 1946. That suggests some vision. I would recommend this to anyone who likes good old action movies.
½ October 16, 2013
"And I thought I was being smart": classic Gary Cooper line (who, here, repeatedly screws up, with deadly consequences)! But this IS a smart movie, if somewhat too procedural (and notwithstanding the annoying domestic interlude/relationship, and being "inspired by the amazing achievements of the OSS").
August 19, 2012
I have never seen it, but i can't take it off my profile. I like the one made in the 80'd though!
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June 6, 2012
Good not great film with Coop's character annoyingly dense and obtuse at times which puts others in grave danger. Lilli is strong suffering none of Gary's indecision. Not top flight Lang but all his films are worth seeing and this one has many quality moments.
½ May 7, 2012
"It's always the little things. The things we can't plan."
½ January 27, 2012
Wasn't expecting much, but this surpassed my expectations. Decent Fritz Lang wartime spy thriller. Couple of great scenes, including a brutal fist fight between the hero and an Italian agent.
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October 21, 2010
A confusing, at times very boring, but at other times pretty good spy movie from the forties.
April 26, 2010
wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that marc lawrence i, ludwig stossel, lilli palmer, helen thimig, j edward bromberg, james flavin, gary cooper, dan seymour, charles marsh play good roles/parts thorughout this movie...i think that the director of thisclassics/drama/romance movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie...i think that this is a great drama movie 2 watch its got a great cast thorughout this movie....i think that gary cooper was brilliant thorughout this movie
March 4, 2009
Although I didn't watch all of it, its interesting being the first film to have a plot based around nuclear secrets. Given the timing its a very thrilling premise and remains so today. The thing is I forget how even movies back then can have characteristics like gritty fight scenes and be genuinely thrilling.
January 7, 2009
Not really into this one. Not even the same story as the other Cloak & Dagger from 1984, which I enjoyed!
½ December 3, 2008
6.5/10. You can't go wrong with a combination of Fritz Lang and Gary Cooper. It is not among the best for either, but it's still a good adventure thriller. Good cinematography, interesting story.
½ November 19, 2008
Even with Fritz Lang's direction this one is a little flat, the story is worked through nicely enough but the spy thriller that it threatens to be never really materialises.
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½ November 18, 2008
Alfred Hitchcock was not the only great director to make anti-Nazi porpaganda films. Fritz Lang, himself an escapee from Nazi Germany, made this film to warn of the dangers of atomic power in the hands of fascists. It's essentially a spy film as it follows scientist Gary Cooper as he infiltrates an enemy project to produce an atomic bomb. Fritz Lang's keen eye for black and white photography and gritty drama works really well in the early scenes as he cranks up the suspense as Cooper evades the Gestapo to help rescue an eminent scientist from their clutches. Unfortunately things nose dive at the appearance of Lilli Palmer, although her character is initially intriguing. Casablanca proved that used subtly, a doomed romance between star crossed lovers can compliment political intrigue brilliantly. The ham-fisted approach in evidence here couldn't be further away though, as Palmer's fiery and proud partisan soon has her heart melted and she becomes an insipid doe-eyed lump who is just waiting for a strong American to take her away from all this. The fact that this corny Mills & Boonery makes the tough guy heroics and gritty realism take a back seat for a solid twenty minutes nearly kills the film stone dead. It gets much better for the finale when it returns to the point but it just serves to highlight what a missed opportunity this film really was.
½ July 22, 2008
Reasonable WW2 spy thriller from German emigre director Fritz Lang. Cooper is pretty bland in the lead, there's a really plodding middle romance section in the middle but it picks up for a decent finale, and the whole thing benefits from Langs pessimistic, cruel edge.
½ April 25, 2008
Would be better if the original ending hadn't been edited out and then lost by the studio.
½ March 30, 2008
This film seems far longer than it's actual running time and is occasionally very boring. Far too much of the film is spoken in German and Italian, but this would not have bothered if subtitles were present. Very dated, even by espionage thriller standards - if that doesnt annoy you the female lead will.
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