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½ March 28, 2008
the kind of film i can watch again and again and again and again... and again
March 26, 2008
Cooper is the true legend that makes this movie amazing
November 2, 2007
Classified as a classic = Interested.
½ August 22, 2007
GREAT...Movie, I even love the ending
½ July 9, 2007
This is not the one I was talking about, I was talking about the one where Dabney Coleman plays Jack Flak
June 17, 2007
I have never seen it, but i can't take it off my profile. I like the one made in the 80'd though!
June 9, 2007
mmm esta no es la cloak and dagger que a mi me gusta, pero bueno, eso pasa por confiar en las maquinas
January 21, 2007
wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!
September 8, 2006
looks boring and old
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