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April 13, 2015
Interesting and very well acted,the margins these farm families work up against are devastating.
November 26, 2013
A hard hitting emotional drama about a Farming Family in Iowa going through some tough financial times.

Filled with natural landscapes & performances this film travels slow but it's emotional & the characters are all interesting to watch.

It's amazing how horrible & unreasonable the banks where to the inland US Farmers & this film doesn't hold much back. Jessica Lange was nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role and I can see why she gave a bravura performance as the Farmer Mum holding everyone together.
½ November 13, 2011
With solid performances, Country is Grapes of Wrath in the contemporary age
November 27, 2010
I. Love. This. Movie. :0)
September 18, 2009
Good movie and very realstic to the times, past and present. Lange was worthy of an Oscar nod for this one.
Super Reviewer
February 20, 2009
nominated for best picture by NBR
June 3, 2008
This is a great movie, based on true facts. This movie was made in Iowa, where I come from, and I remember when this kind of stuff was going on and how heartsick it made me. A very true to life story from start to finish. More people should have been like Jewell Ivy!
May 16, 2008
id love to see it if i was gonna be watching it with u beautiful
January 24, 2008
e SpongeBob Square Pants Quiz
January 15, 2008
Much overrated film.
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November 25, 2007
Okay..some of the films in the eighties don't really go the extra mile. This one falls short a wee bit of being truly good.
October 16, 2007
phenomenal soundtrack
September 30, 2007
I highly recomend this movie, it depects what the 1980s where like perfectly for the American Farmer. My father cant watch this movie anymore because it is such a great dipiction and it makes his memories haunt him of that time
½ September 20, 2007
A compelling and important film which presents the anguish, stress and anger of one contemporary farm family faced with foreclosure. VERY similar to "The River".
July 18, 2007
havent seen it but i luv the shania twain song in the movie
June 14, 2007
i just like the movie
½ June 11, 2007
This was good. Haven't seen it in a long time.
February 3, 2007
Great effort by Jessica Lange showing her Midwestern roots.
½ March 5, 2006
Solid drama, with fine performances all around, especially Jessica Lange. Interesting view of modern American farmers, their trials and tribulations. Moving and very well made.
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