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½ October 9, 2012
Utter dogshit, this film has nothing to do with robot jox and is cheap, boring and nasty. To top it off the giant robot is only in the film for about 10 seconds right towards the end after watching over an hour of this crap.
April 18, 2012
hadn't seen this in years but i always remember the fat guys had swelling up. it's a really dated film now although the same kind of stories still get repeated now. there was some really good stunts towards the end and the robots pretty good. I'm a fan of this film from my childhood so i think it's still good.
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November 2, 2011
Sequel of sorts to 'Robot Jox' with the same cover art yet the plot is nothing to do with the original, in fact the plot has nothing to do with anything much haha. Basically its about a group of folks stuck in a big warehouse/power plant because of a thermal storm outside, to make things worse one of them is a 'synth' out to kill everyone for the evil companies gain (Unicom). have a group of people stuck in a building being killed by a Terminator style robot and no one knows who the killer robot is, not too original huh. Its pretty pointless really with bad acting plus nothing happens! the only thing to mention is the gloriously cheesy stop motion mech action near the end. This franchise is all about the big mechs but amazingly this film lacks mech action despite the cover art depiction.
½ December 27, 2010
One of the better Charles Band films, this one takes a splash of action, scifi, special FX, gore, political intreague, and suspense and rolls them all up into a nice neat low budget post apocalyptic thriller.
While I would have liked to have seen more giant robots (there is one on the cover after all) the setting and story make much more sense in this film than in many of the other Full Moon outings.
Part of the Robot films Band put out in the late 80s early 90s, Crash and Burn is worth checking out at least once if you're into low budget scifi/post apocalyptic films.
April 24, 2010
I love post-apocalyptic films. I even enjoy bad post apocalyptic films and director Charles Band is no stranger to the bad post apocalyptic genre. He first directed the 3-D b-movie monster classic Parasite in 1982 and returned to the subgenre 8 years later with Crash and Burn...and look at the cover art! A hot sand-blasted landscape...and what's that, a huge fucking robot in the back ground! That's right we have a huge fucking robot! This is going to be the most bad-ass post-apoc film ever! No, of course not and typical with Charles Band films the poster art is much better than the actual film.

As post-apoc films go we have all the basics: a hot, sunny landscape, a depleted ozone layer, an anti-hero, cyborgs, and a evil corporate company. Did I mention we have a huge fucking robot?

Apparently in the economy has collapsed and in the collapse a huge multi-national company known as Unicom has taken over the government. A group of anti-Unicom rebels known as the Liberty Union run a TV station out in the middle of the desert to air programs that, surprisingly, piss off the company. In comes our anti-hero, a Unicom man who's motorcycle breaks down so he takes refuge at the TV station. As expected the rebels don't take too kindly with him at first. While there members start being killed off in Agatha Christie "Ten Little Indians" style because someone there is a cyborg..errr...a Synthoid that is programmed to kill.

I know what you are all thinking...where's the giant robot? Well it's in the movie, don't worry. But it doesn't come into play until the last few minutes of the film. Most of the movie it's laying on its side in junk pile until it's turned on to save the day. People looking for a lot of giant robot action are better off looking somewhere else, like the movie Robot Jox. Strangely enough this film was retitled Robot Jox 2: Crash and Burn in Germany despite the fact this barely has any giant robot action.

Overall this is passable post-apoc fair. Most of the film is spent on talking and less on action making it far less enjoyable than the Italian fodder that filled the video shelves in the 80's. The film is just kinda blah for the usually fun post-apoc subgenre. Still one could do much worse to kill an hour-and-a-half.
February 7, 2010
One day I was bored and decided to look up giant robot movies using the keyword search on IMDB. One of which I found was Crash and Burn. I saw the trailer, and it looked pretty exciting. It looked like some post-apocalyptic action movie with giant robots and crap all over the place, as well as cheesy moments and pumping music. I had to check this out.

In the end, my expectations kinda died on me. The entire film is set in a small powerplant-converted TV station and you only get to see giant robot action for around 5 mins near the end (special effects are actually not bad for a b-movie, ignoring the cheesy miniatures). It doesn't last long either, and near the end you kinda wish more to happen.

It's another one of those films you need to watch when you're in a mood to watch something cheesy. You've got forced one liners, sex and violence, and even some slight ripoff references to the Terminator and the blood testing scene from The Thing. What more to expect?
February 1, 2010
Ho-hum apocalyptic sci-fi has people taking refuge in a TV station only to learn that there is a killer humanoid in there with them. Except for a few good scenes, and cool stop-motion animation (which is nothing really special nowadays) in the last part of the movie involving a giant robot, this is quite a yawner.
½ August 3, 2009
This is a cheesy fun movie. It made me laugh. There are few plot holes and the ending is very disappointing but the movie does have it's funny moments. Bill Moseley does a great job as Quinn. It's a movie to watch if it's raining out.
July 8, 2009
I am a great admirer of the films from Full Moon Entertainment, but mostly their horror films. The studio has done other genres, and the one that I tend not to enjoy so much are their science fiction films. I suppose Shadowzone could be considered a science fiction film, but it has a lot of horror qualities to it. Charles Band's Crash and Burn joins the ranks of other robot inspired films that Band was a part of, Robot Jox & Robot Wars, as being an uninspired science fiction film.

One of two things happened with Crash and Burn. Either the film was just too difficult to follow, or more likely I just couldn't get into this movie enough to care to know what was going on. I'm sure there is a plot there somewhere in this film, and I'm more than sure that at one point someone or a bunch of people explained what was going on. But the film was far too tedious, and very little happens throughout the film of interest.

Part of the reason that I was interested in this film, other than the prospect of giant robots, was Bill Moseley's presence in the film. Moseley is a great icon of horror, sci-fi and overall b-grade films, and a favorite of mine. While his character isn't as complex or interesting as I would have hoped, I still found him to be rather decent in the film. Especially toward the end, when things get a little out of hand and the violence finally starts up.

The robot aspect to the film is rather disappointing. There are two kinds of robots, one is the larger type and the others are robots disguised to look like humans. If you are thinking The Terminator, then you aren't too far off since the plot to this film has shades of The Terminator in it. The human-looking robot storyline is alright. There is a particular scene where the film's characters are trying to figure out if anyone among them is a robot by cutting themselves to see if coolant comes out instead of blood that was a stand out moment. But the giant robot in the film doesn't make a move until the end, and it is over with rather quickly.

Crash and Burn was the third film out of the Charles Band Collection Vol. 1 that I watched, and the second film that I flat out didn't like from this set. The dull beginning to Crash and Burn should have warned me that this wasn't going to be a fun experience. But I kept hoping that at one point the film would turn around, but that moment never came.
October 16, 2008
This movie was okay, if you like, you know, apocolyptic (kinda) space robot battles in the future. LOL
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