Far From the Madding Crowd Reviews

May 12, 2015
With the emphasis on plot rather than character only Julie Christie finds a part she can turn round in, suggesting convincingly Bathsheba's curious combination of coquetry with integrity.
March 15, 2015
Splendidly lusty fare, its feet deep in the mud of the English countryside, its head in the lens-flared glare of a dreamy tragi-romantic sky.
March 13, 2015
Mostly this is a triumph ...
March 13, 2015
Everything in this extraordinary evocation of island life is seasonal; these folk, their affections and fortunes, shift with the winds and tides.
March 12, 2015
It's maybe not up there in the pantheon of British classics, but there's something highly relaxing and radical about the fact that Schlesinger articulates this classical story with breathy longeurs ...
March 12, 2015
Christie carries the film with her own insouciant vulnerability. A classic.
March 12, 2015
It has a kick that most other Hardy adaptations have conspicuously lacked.
March 12, 2015
Quality oozes from every pore, with John Schlesinger's direction complemented by Frederic Raphael's sharp script and a cast that includes Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Peter Finch and a dastardly Terence Stamp.
March 9, 2015
One of the most entrancing and elemental landscape films ever shot in these isles.
May 9, 2013
Thomas Hardy was not the most dynamic novelist in English literature, but this sluggish 1967 film still does him a serious disservice.
May 9, 2013
[Schlesinger] displays the best sense of Victorian time and place since David Lean in Great Expectations.
July 6, 2010
Christie has few real opportunities to branch out of her rather muted and pouty lead.
January 26, 2006
Another classic bites the dust.
May 9, 2005
Pictorially excessive but dramatically barren.
October 23, 2004
Alan Bates, in a change of pace, is the loyal shepherd. Terence Stamp is a suitably vile Sgt. Troy, and Peter Finch makes Boldwood strong and honorable in his love for Bathsheba.