Oct 17, 2016
Brooks films the action in sharply defined images with spare and aggressive angles, conjuring the inner howls of conflicting desires tearing Steve and the sordidly glossy milieu apart during even the simplest of events.
Apr 8, 2008
Unfortunately, plot is a totally unconvincing jumble and Ryan O'Neal as a sports reporter hooked on the gambling game is wooden and unsympathetic.
Apr 8, 2008
The opening segments of the movie are simply odd, distracting and unconvincing. It's the movie's final act that is sick.
Jan 26, 2006
An old-fashioned and numbingly predicable problem pic of the kind that he used to do rather better.
Aug 21, 2004
Fights its own message of gambling as an addiction.
May 20, 2003
You could live a long time and never see anything as awful as Fever Pitch.