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March 8, 2016
Haunting but powerful, The Fly is an incredible film buffeted by extraordinary effects and makeup and the wonderful performances of Goldblum and Davis that help create a terrifying yet sympathetic character. This movie stays with you long after it's over.
March 6, 2016
This may be one of the only sci-fi tragedies, and by the end of the movie you realize that's what it really is--a tragedy. You can't help but feel sorry for the main characters due to their circumstances, and if it was put in the hands of any lesser director, it may not chill you emotionally as it does visually.
½ March 6, 2016
David Croenbergs mix of graphic horror and romance is what truly makes the Fly Successfull. The Fly stars Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle, a scientist who has recently made a scientific breakthrough with teleportation called "telepods". Seth then begins to grow fond of this journalist who he shows his new discovery to. Soon after rather than normally teleporting inanimate objects. Seth puts himself into the telepod causing a disastrous incident. The Fly is a very disturbing but good movie. Croenberg masters the art of suspense and nails the transformation of Goldblum slowly transforming into this disgusting household pest. My biggest issues with the Fly is I feel the movie is lacking an amount of substance to be a more solid Sci Fi thriller. Geena Davis' definetly was outperformed by Goldblum and with her role in the film, she needed to be stride for stride alongside him. Despite some flaws The Fly is still a good movie. Great special effects, a terrific Goldblum Performance, and its disturbing story make The Fly a well rounded film.
February 26, 2016
Deeply unsettling in it's horrifying visuals yet poignant, powerfully acted and unforgettable. David Cronenberg's loose remake of The Fly exceeds the original's quality in all forms to become one of those unmissable horror movies.
½ February 19, 2016
Although the special effects are dated, the story, direction, and performances still stand out. The horror of the film grips you because it serves as a parable for watching a loved one degenerate from the ravages of disease.
February 7, 2016
I enjoy this film,which is amazing! When a scientist tries to work at
moving himself from one place to another,he finds a mishap.A fly suddenly comes into the picture,and Dr. Brundle (Blum) sees himself becoming the fly in all aspects.Geena Davis plays his true love, and she finds herself mixed up in the crazy scheme.
January 26, 2016
There are very few directors who could remake a cult classic, inject their own twisted spin on the material, then have that remake not only surpass the original in every aspect but also become the directors crowning glory. John Carpenter managed it with his revisit of The Thing, arguably Martin Scorsesse managed it with The Departed, his retelling of Asian classic Infernal Affairs and of course David Cronenberg more than achieved it with The Fly, a film that when its title is mentioned in modern day, its extremely difficult not to think of his iteration alone. The Fly stars Jeff Goldblum and Gina Davies, funnily enough a couple at the time of filming, as a mad scientist who has created the potential to teleport and a young gorgeous reporter, who happens to stumble upon his creation and indeed a loving relationship with the mad man. Seth Brundle, the scientist, aims to further his ability from teleporting inanimate objects to transporting himself through his impressive creation, but trouble strikes when he happens to accidentally splice the genes of a fly with his own, mid teleport and soon his new found powers start to become frighteningly grotesque. Its a warped and twisted tale that turns everything up to 11, injects Cronenberg's common themes of sex, infection and indeed paranoia and will utterly disturb you from start to finish. Jeff Goldblum is the best he has ever been, and thats not to say this is his only decent performance, its just his portrayal of Seth Brundle is that magnetic, that charismatic and bipolar, everything he has done since pales in comparison. He was made for this role, the speed of his language, his smug and charming bass tones, his weedy character, nervously twitching as he tries to work out vast amounts of equations, is literally enchanting to watch. He also happens to go full throttle when a grisly body transformation happens and its nothing short of revolting to watch. Gina Davis is equally brilliant, she however has far less insanity to play with, however its her grounded sense of reality that really sells the entire piece, without it the film would lean into complete fantasy, and funnily enough thats not what Cronenberg is going for here. The creature effects are revolting and just brilliant, Seth Brundle's transformation is still believable and sickening 30 years on, and a large part of that happens to be down to Cronenberg's decision to allow his emotions and mannerisms stay a firm staple until the very end. It looks chilling, it sounds chilling and the script tackles so many of our fears at once, I urge anyone to not throw up a little in their mouth. There will of course be people out their how will not enjoy this type of movie, its dark, it will make you gag, it gets under your skin and with make you feel filthy, however my argument would be that is exactly what you want from a horror film. There are 2 different types of horror, the cheap and nasty kind that appeals on a simple level with no lasting effects and the psychological kind, that allows the viewer to think, care and fear the material, The Fly is the latter, it was always going to be. The Fly is not only one of the greatest horror movies of all time, its up there with one of the greatest movies of all time, brilliant, emotional and revolting in equal measures, its not for the feint hearted, but for those with a strong stomach, there is plenty here to enjoy.
December 8, 2015
Well, the characters are highly developed. But I'm not a fan of gore and goo.
½ November 24, 2015
A word of caution do not eat before watching this movie. The fly is one of those rare horror movies that features fantastic character development. The special effects hold up incredibly well. In an experiment gone wrong the main character starts turning into a fly. With each passing day he begins to look more and more like a giant fly and also begins to act like a fly. The ending was excellent. Horror movies were popular in the 80's and this is easily one of the best of that time period.
½ October 29, 2015
A remake masterpiece, one of the best remakes I've seen yet !! With strongly developed and likable characters, The Fly has a lot of ground breaking special effects, done without CGI and they are just magnificent. The acting is great. It's a good but grotesque movie that you shouldn't see if you have a sick stomach. Recommended !!!
October 27, 2015
Science fiction/horror classic that holds up as some of the best work by all involved. Jeff Goldblum gives one of his best performances as Seth Brundle, conveying both his charm & intelligence that you like him even as he starts to transform while also displaying remarkable physicality in the make-up. Goldblum has a fine chemistry with Geena Davis, adding a tragic romance to this already layered film. Behind the camera, Cronenberg crafts one of his finest films, playing with some real science fiction while showing his mastery of 'body horror'. The visual effects themselves remain stunning, helped in large part at they were done practically (Brundle's slow transformation is both horrific yet fascinating too watch) while the story stays leans at 95 minutes (yet another great film under 2 hours). Granted, repeat viewings do show a few plot holes (specifically, why isn't other doctors or the cops not called at some point) but overall, this is one of the finest & scariest science fiction/horror films ever made.
October 27, 2015
Tragic, gruesome horror. A quality film.
October 26, 2015
Entertaining film with interesting and gruesome special effects. An excellent remake.
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
½ October 8, 2015
The Fly may be horror but it is of the Evil Dead / Nightmare On Elm Street variety where the jokes / silliness lighten things up. This was a movie I had heard about but had never seen until just recently. The Fly is not a bad film but more a product of its time rather than a timeless classic. Recommended for fans of 80s grotesque / animatronic horror and, of course, Cronenberg fans.
October 2, 2015
Impressively gross. Aside from that, the characters are great.
½ September 30, 2015
Saw this on 29/9/15
The fly starts off well with a fine performance from Geena Davis and a smart blend of sensible sci-fi and horror until the fly comes in, the film still retains it's horror or body horror (Crorenberg's), but treads into familiar territory. The only thing that saves it from being a total waste is the abundant use of violence. Oh, the makeup work is good.
September 18, 2015
A instant horror classic
September 16, 2015
I was ready to be rocked by Cronenberg. And boy, did he. Every scene built more anticipation and tension. Every time we saw Seth, we got more concerned for his sanity and later, more grossed out by his appearance. The fear of what he could possibly turn into next kept me reeling. And what a climax. A little corny in places but it made the film what it was and gave some emotional depth to the piece. Body horror is officially my new favourite genre. Bring on more Cronenberg!
September 15, 2015
Making the audience invested in the strong romance between Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, David Cronenberg remakes a camp B-movie into a heartbreaking, terrifying parable about illness and death.
½ September 14, 2015
Bahhh... Groossssss...
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