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April 3, 2014
Wonderful and rewarding film. The film is about how a simple, good guy decided to restore order on the roads, the reason for this was the death of his brother. He breaks the cars of drunk drivers, leaving them for police. His car is equipped with special devices. The main goal, to find the killer of his brother. Movie impressive car chases and stunts, as well as music and songs. Soulful and entertaining film. 10/10(5/5).
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September 14, 2013
Low budget is no excuse for poor quality.
½ April 28, 2011
Expected more from an Abel Ferrara movie particularly in terms of brutality.
½ August 18, 2010
actually not bad - didnt expect much for how cheap I picked it up but this could be done really well with a good budget
May 13, 2009
After the death of his little bro' Jeff (Brian Robbins), the blue jeans wearing Rick Benton (Ken Wahl) goes out seeking revenge on drunk drivers, in what could have been a serious of exciting car chases. Instead what we get is a lot of slow moving vehicles in stretched out scenes.
Wahl fails to deliver anything in what should be a very emotional role of a man torn apart by death. The bad car chases are split up with scenes of some cops not doing much about anything, and the love interest Susan Neville (Nancy Allen), which gets very repetitive very quickly.
The final battle between Rick and the 'Death Car' does nothing to redeem the film at all. What follows is a low octane, all bars hold slow car driving round a scrap yard battle.
Then Prince was in it.
My overall feeling for the film was that Nancy Allen was in Robocop 1, 2 and 3. She is pretty rad.
Watch Robocop instead.
March 17, 2009
the film is superb for it clearity in describing the power of a determined mind.
February 21, 2009
this is wrong movie poster & i can't find the real one (the one played by russell crowe) . but, i love this movie.
February 7, 2009
brilliant film cant' stop watchin it
January 7, 2009
preferatul meu....super tare
October 9, 2008
The Spaniard!!! I love Russell Crowe and this movie. He's the shit in this. He put fear in the kings heart and didn't give a... Iigh! Gross tryin to sleep wit your sister.
June 17, 2005
the 2k gladitor was another awesome movie, that I'd say will probably be on my top ten. The 86 one was put up by mistake. I have never seen that one and it probably sucks so ill give it a 0.
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