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Best Horror Movies (2012 Update)!

You got your costume. Pumpkins all carved up. Disco ball of doom, check. Next up: Picking the night's feature creature attractions. We submit to you then Best Horror Movies: (2012 Update)! 'Tis a grimoire (or, if you will, an evil binder) full of women on the run, vampires and zombies, and night-stalking psycho killers.

However! May we have a word before you turn the page? To calculate Best Horror, we used a special mathematical formula, forged in the very depths of hell by Hollywood accountants. This formula considers a movie's Tomatometer, its number of reviews (requiring at least 20) and release year, delivering a unique weighted ranking for each.

Better put on your Gloves of Evil Handling: Here comes the Best Horror Movies (2012 Update)!