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August 27, 2017
I adore this movie and Jimmy Stewart's lovable Edward P. Dowd.
½ June 25, 2017
I went into Harvey with the thought that most of the movie would be held up by the charm of Jimmy Stewart. While his performance is completely endearing, I was delighted to find it was the supporting cast that delivered the bulk of the comedic moments. Stewart plays it pretty straight which is actually crucial for his character (who thinks a giant invisible rabbit is perfectly normal.) But actors like Cecil Kellaway, Charles Drake, and especially Josephine Hull are completely stymied by this rabbit. It's to the point where they can't even make up their own minds on whether it's real or not.

The comedy in Harvey is very situational, which I enjoy, but it seemed there were not a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. I think I expected a more screwball style to the humor, but it didn't quite get there. In fact, there are some moments in Harvey that are totally serious. They are having genuine discussions about what makes someone crazy, and asking if crazy is bad if they aren't hurting anyone. It also feels like the movie answers the question of whether Harvey is real or not, and I think I would have preferred if it was left ambiguous. It wasn't a problem, just one thing that might have worked better for me if they went the other way.

The story of Harvey is not a complicated one, in fact much of it I was able to surmise from merely watching a few clips that I've seen in pop culture. You can sense the origins of the script, because the film feels exactly like a stage play. There aren't many sets or locations, and they seem to return to the same places again and again. It was in danger, at times, of feeling repetitive because so much of the movie seemed to center on finding one person or another that has disappeared. However, I never got to the point of being annoyed or bored by Harvey. It's an entertaining little film, and it's one I'd gladly watch again anytime.
June 10, 2017
A slapstick farce about a very nice man and his imaginary rabbit friend is veritably a discerning commentary on the alcoholism, loneliness, happiness and the death of good-natured humanity.
April 6, 2017
Quite funny with lovely whimsical moments and a film which says a lot about human values.
March 26, 2017
Whimsical comedy with a surprisingly modern message of acceptance and diversity. Stewart is charming as ever.
February 23, 2017
Clever and hilarious. Truly enjoyable.
½ January 26, 2017
Throughout the insanity of the idea of this movie, it's a wonder that I felt as charmed and heartwarmwd as I did. This feels like the plot to a horror movie, but is balanced out by the likable nature of the characters and overall execution. James Stewart went all the way and have a delightful performance. But Josephine Hall brought a sense of order and humanity to such a strange film. Also the presence of Harvey through the entire film is felt in a erie, fantastical, but still charming way.
½ January 19, 2017
James Stewart is oh so pleasant in this classic comic fantasy. (First and only full viewing - Fall 2009)
January 11, 2017
Whimsical to the point of tooth decay, there is a darker subject left unexplored in Mary Chase's popular piece of fluff. Elwood P. Dowd is a lonely alcoholic who has compensated by inventing a 6' 4" rabbit companion and befriending every stranger he meets. The singular joke of course is that everyone else - particularly the psychiatrists and staff at the local rest home - are more bonkers than him. James Stewart is perfectly cast, and the supporting players offer the right seriousness to convince you there is more to Harvey than a rabbit-shaped hole.
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½ December 2, 2016
This sweet movie is adorable like James Stewart's character, who charms us distributing business cards and being nice to everyone that he meets, while Josephine Hull deserved the Oscar she won for her hilarious, on-the-edge-of-hysteria performance.
½ November 23, 2016
I've never seen this movie until today. Wow! What a great movie and performance by Jimmy Stewart!
November 12, 2016
A wonderful adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning play largely due to superb casting and an agreeably light touch. Stewart seems like the only actor who could play this part. You have to accept that Elwood P. Dowd can charm people to the point that they are willing to ignore that he's a drunk who may be dangerously delusional. You buy that when it's Stewart. Like many studio comedies, the supporting cast is an embarrassment of riches.
September 17, 2016
Hollywood seldom makes films as charming as this anymore, Jimmy Stewart is his usual endearing self in this slightly odd comedy film. Left me feeling warm and happy and wanting a friend like Harvey. Worth viewing again and again over the years.
July 28, 2016
In my top 5 of all time... a masterpiece of whimsy
July 23, 2016
Harvey features James Stewart's best role and performance, and makes you feel good.
June 29, 2016
This movie overstayed its welcome, but it's ok. It has enough charm to enjoy. However, this is by no means one of the greatest movies.
½ June 19, 2016
Another lost flixster rating :(
June 18, 2016
And the moral of this story is: If you're dealing with addiction or insanity, run away as quick as you can!
½ March 7, 2016
The main takeaway of 'Harvey'? Being mentally ill is totally fine and doesn't require treatment as long as you're pleasant.
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January 27, 2016
Whimsical, old fashioned and extremely likable. The film doesn't seem dated but some of the acting does, James Stewart is wonderful as Elwood P. Dowd, one of cinema's best loved characters but the supporting casts performances can grate a little. That though is my only criticism. The story is brilliant and James Stewart is at his best, a real slice of cinematic magic.
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