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½ May 19, 2015
I couldn't remember for sure if I'd ever seen this Burt Reynolds vehicle before or not, but after the opening scene I realized I had seen it before. However, after competing my rewetting of the film, I now realize why I didn't remember the film. It's a completely forgettable crime flick. Burt is a PI/Bagman/Fixer of sorts who helps a hooker get revenge on a sleepy rich guy and also helps another rich guy toughen up. That set up isn't terrible, but the film unfolds in a meandering fashion that's completely uninteresting and seems to go nowhere, which is a surprise since the film was written by the great William Goldman who wrote such classics as "Marathon Man," "Misery" and "The Princess Bride." The film is mostly disappointing because I do think it had the potential to be a strong vehicle for Burt.
April 3, 2014
When considering camp classic material you have to throw out the rules and just accept what is truly the most awesome. Just based on one of the most classic death scenes in history involving a light bulb, the merit of this awesome movie stands above. That it was meant to be serious defines its camp value. If you don't love it, it's probably YOU that is lame.
½ March 13, 2014
Good crime thriller with a surprisingly good performance by Burt Reynolds.
To be remade with Jason Statham in the lead, looking forward to see how that will turn out.
½ July 15, 2013
Burt plays one tough customer who apparently still has a reputation in soldier of fortune circles. I'm not sure what his exact job is here but seems to be for hire to help friends in any number of situations. Liked the character development with Reynolds and his gambling problem. Has a long series of scenes where Burt plays blackjack in a casino and it never gets dull. An indication Burt should have taken more serious roles in the years prior to this.
April 13, 2013
Burt is a "licensed chaperone" who appears to keep a small office on the strip in Vegas and still a topic of interest in those soldier-of-fortune magazines. Some may consider this a decline for Reynolds but I disagree, contains some of his best work. A film you never tire of watching. Best scene has to be busting out at the blackjack table.
½ February 7, 2013
There are far less entertaining hobbies than being a connoisseur of the almost entirely embarrassing output that has long been the beloved Reynolds' trademark. Props as well for his mocking of another man wearing a toupee, btw. Horribly, horribly good.
March 14, 2012
That's right, the OTHER "Heat." ... It's not as good.
½ February 9, 2012
Burt Reynolds, so deadly he can kill you with a credit card. Classic!
½ March 18, 2010
Unknown movie that my brother and I rented with my dad when we were kids. I thought it kicked ass back then, and it still does today. Written by the great Bill Goldman.
September 29, 2008
I was leaning towards Deniro's character to survive this tense and outstandingly played movie. I never had a moment to think of anything else during this movie and that doesn't happen with me very often. I'm always stressing things out and this movie gave me some time to stress out something other than my life.Excellent acting,excellent stars,excellent dialog, it should have swept the Oscars! I will soon see "Righteous Kill" and will make my comments on that film and we will see if these 2 super stars ( Deniro and Pacino) hold up after 13 years apart from each other on the screen .
½ January 13, 2007
Stilig film. Bra oppbygning til et middelmådig høydepunkt.
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