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Holiday Affair Quotes

  • Connie Ennis: Oh, you're always so wrong about me. I have a wonderful memory of a husband and a marriage. You're trying to take it away from me.
    Steve Mason: Nobody wants to do that. I know. I'm sure Carl doesn't. All anybody wants is for you to live in the present and not be afraid of the future. You know, maybe it could happen again if you quit pretending that something that's dead is still alive.
    Connie Ennis: Oh, alright, if it will make you any happier, you're a fortune teller. You're absolutely right about me all the time. I want everything just the way it is - Mrs. Status Quo. Just me and Timmy - no changes.
    Steve Mason: And I want a girl that'll drop everything and run to me, no matter what the score is.

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