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April 26, 2016
Past his prime boxer hooks up with a crooked new manager and falls in love with a struggling woman running a carnival. Drama never quite delivers the knockout viewing experience for me, even with Walken.
January 16, 2016
What a waste of great actors. The script and editing are junk, at times to the degree that it's nearly incompetent.
Paris S.
Super Reviewer
September 4, 2014
For what it's worth, the film does capture the essence of being down on your luck and wandering, and for that, I kind of like it. The plot is as simple as they come, the shots are unremarkable yet occasionally very pretty, the dialogue is trite, but the film amounts to something when it's through. There's a rare moment of brilliance here, but it's usually obscured by the amount of pretense onscreen. Should you watch? Eh. Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken have above average performances.
August 3, 2014
Fully recommended if you liked #TheWrestler, and want to see Mickey Rourke as a boxer and a cowboy struggling with alcoholism. #MickeyRourke
August 14, 2013
I bought this movie thinking it was going to be "Raging Bull" with Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken. And... wow... was I wrong. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish here, but... man. It just seems like such a wasted opportunity, given the acting power of the two leads. It's worth watching once, just for how over-the-top Walken's character gets in certain scenes.
February 15, 2013
It has enough to keep your attention but I wouldn't put it on pause to go make a sandwich.
December 27, 2012
Sounds like it would be an awesome movie, but it's actually kinda lame. C+
December 11, 2012
Classic Mickey Rourke film. He plays a boxer just as well as he plays a wrestler. Kind of foreshadows his own boxing career before returning to acting and becoming a big star again with The Wrestler. The story is pretty emotional at times and it doesn't hurt to have the great Christopher Walken in this. The music and soundtrack is really good. Worth seeing multiple times.
June 27, 2012
Classic Mickey Rourke film. He plays a boxer just as well as he plays a wrestler. Kind of foreshadows his own boxing career before returning to acting and becoming a big star again with The Wrestler. The story is pretty emotional at times and it doesn't hurt to have the great Christopher Walken in this. The music and soundtrack is really good. Worth seeing multiple times.
December 14, 2011
Johnny Walker (Mickey Rourke) is a punch-drunk and alcoholic cowboy pugilist who gives boxing one last shot in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He meets Wesley Pendergrass (Christopher Walken), the smooth-talking hood who tries to talk Johnny into helping in the heist of a jewelry store. Johnny considers the offer but elects to enter the ring to help Ruby (Debra Feuer) and her financially troubled arcade with the prize money. He agrees to the bout despite the fact that a blow to his fractured temple bone could kill him...

Never seen this Mickey Rourke vehicle before and now I know why. Most likely Rourke´s worst movie during the 80`s in my opinion. Sloppy direction, bad editing, b-movie feeling, clichés in characters, soundtrack and script. And Mickey Rourke on autopilot trying to do some modern The Hunchback of Notre-Dame... A disappointment. At times the movie doesn´t even feel like it is connected to it´s different parts. "Homeboy" is one for the shelves in the back without no doubt.
½ April 22, 2011
This movie is awful in just about everyway. The story, movie and direction are awful. Rourke's performance for the first half of the movie is awful (he drops the ridiculous accent towards the end of the movie). Walken is solid as always but has little to do or work with. Overall, just not a good idea.
December 27, 2010
No wonder Mickey lost his faith in Hollywood since his most ambitious efforts such as this one were never given any credit. Before there was The Wrestler, there was Homeboy (one dignified by Bruce Springsteen, the other by Eric Clapton). And you won't be wasting time doing your homework on this one.
January 14, 2010
keine schauspielerische Glanzleistung! Typischer '80er Fliessband-Film aus Hollywood!
½ September 20, 2009
It's no Rocky, but has it's moments. And who knew they had beepers in 1988?!
September 16, 2009
The movie Dylan wrote about, Rourke actually wrote, and was actually quite moving. A good, understated, aging Rourke showing his fading talents one last time before his first drop off, and Walken being Walken. A good film about a has been with one last shot. A good film and performance, but after seeing the Wrestler, it is unfairly compared and judged against it. Still a great picture.
September 2, 2009
Before Mickey Rourke ever gave any amazing performance in The Wrestler, many people seem to not realize of the long and talented career he had amassed over 20 years prior. At one point in his career, Rourke managed to write (under the pseudonym Eddie Cooke) and star in another sports-related character study called Homeboy. Homeboy is about cowboy Johnny Walker (Rourke) who moves to a new area in order to professionally box. He manages to get the attention of criminal Wesley (Christopher Walken in a powerful performance) who takes him under his wing and attempts to introduce him to the world of crime. Overtly shy and somewhat dimwitted, Johnny seems to be more focused on boxing, as well as a new found love for small amusement park owner, Ruby (Rourke's then-actual wife Debra Feuer). A tense plot soon starts to get heavy when audiences realize Walken's character is heading down a darker path when he becomes too obsessed with making one last big score, while Rourke's future may come to a deadly end when a doctor says only a couple more punches will kill him. The end result is a better-than-average 80's drama that hits all the right areas and manages to be very profound and entertaining. The entire cast performed well, but this movie seems to be completely owned by the presence of Walken and Rourke who deliver some amazing performances that have shockingly seemed to have gone unnoticed (no big awards; the DVD is only now being released in 2009, etc). Kevin Conway also gives a terrific performance as the detective who's attempting to take Walken's character down. Be on the lookout for small performances from Ruben Blades as a doctor and Stephen Baldwin as a street punk. Good direction from first-timer Michael Seresin who has shamefully yet to direct another movie. The film is also heightened by excellent haunting music by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen. Overall, an amazing movie and great showcase of Rourke's talents.
½ August 3, 2009
One of the best Boxer Movies and one of the best Mickey Rourke Movies one of my Favourite Scenes is the Beginning when Mickey Rourke goes into the Black's Bar and dancing hot with a sexy Black Lady on the Table
July 13, 2009
An unusual but good boxing film. Rourke's acting is convincing !
June 15, 2009
Big fan of this movie. Really shows the talent of Rourke. Check it out. At least once. One of my favorite movies. Love the feel and acting. This movie just feels like a labor of love and maybe that is why I like it so much.

Rewatchability isn't very high - but it is something that I will watch many more times in my lifetime.

10/10 - fresh
March 14, 2009
Mickey Rourke gives a very good preformance as a brain damaged boxer, and you genuniely believe his performance every step of the way. Walken gives this film its edge and is a real treat whenever on screen. The love story is not great, and the boxing scenes could be better. Snatch took one thing from this film (points if you spot what). Worth a watch for Walken's charisma, and a Rourke good performance from Rourke.Not great. but good, though a few scenes are quite annoying and the director seems unsure of his goals
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