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December 12, 2015
good doc + christopher lee= good viewing
½ October 23, 2013
A rather dull documentary hosted by Evil Sender (Christopher Lee, to the uninitiated). Too many lengthy interviews that caused it to drag. Would have liked clips from more films, rather than the select few they seemed to pull from.
September 14, 2010
Although the DVD was released in 2006, it's just a transfer of a 1996 VHS collection. It has low-quality footage and sound, and mentions nothing of horror films from the late 90s or early 00s. I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally a filler show from the badlands of basic cable. Besides this, the director seems to have had a bit of a love for classic horror in particular - there is a bit of an elitist slant towards the importance of, say, the first 5 versions of Frankenstein, and less importance placed in groundbreaking modern thrillers such as, say, Alien, just to pull an example out of the air. Probably the most interesting thing in this series is the archival footage that might be hard to find elsewhere. I don't think I found any of the commentary to be very enlightening, though Christopher Lee's rumbling voice and cynical quips were somewhat entertaining.
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