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September 7, 2013
This nostalgia piece about a 1960s American Bandstand-like teen dance show has the unfortunate luck to be released the same year as John Water's classic "Hairspray." This film is kind of Hairspray's straight-laced cousin and really is simply a nostalgia piece. It's not a bad film, but it lacks any kind of depth or uniqueness that would make it stand out, like say "Hairspray," "Absolute Beginners" or "American Graffiti." The film does, however, feature a lot of good music and many earnest performances, which does make it entraining none-the-less.
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November 30, 2012
Maybe I should have watched this back in 1988, because now it just seems silly. Sidenote: How did Joey "Pants" end up in so many movies of this genre? What a career that guy has had...
½ December 16, 2009
Love the Dance Party 60's music. Reminisent of American Bandstand
September 11, 2008
July 22, 2008
Everyone loves Perry Parker !!!
½ March 19, 2008
This was a fun movie to watch. I enjoyed the singing and dancing. It's just one of those Saturday afternoon kind of films. I remember watching it when I was like in the 9th grade. It's kind of like Hairspray and Grease and those other movies based on the 50's and 60's.
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