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October 13, 2016
The only good thing in this movie, is that a clp of ''Samson'', the first band of Bruce Dickinson, shows up..
January 16, 2016
One heck of an underrated horror movie. I like this film because it accurate over what an incubus is like. Pretty much n every. although I wish it would have died at the end but that's not enough to get me to dislike this movie. The poster is also awesome as well. If you're looing for a good and suspenseful horror film I'd definitely recommend this.
½ January 8, 2016
New town doctor ties local teen to murder and rape through an incubus and exposes the teen family's dark secret past. Decent film with good cast. Was surprised to see Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson with former band Samson in video footage at the theatre.
Super Reviewer
August 29, 2015
Feminist's worst nightmare. A series of brutal murders and raped have occurred in a small town. A young man is convinced that he's somehow committing these horrendous acts but something supernatural seems to be behind these murders and the town's past might contain a clue to find out the truth.

It was quite an effective horror film if you ignore the bad acting. Hough was a great director who knew how to use gore well as well as using techniques from Argento to make this supernatural slasher spine chilling.
March 27, 2015
That's a lot of sperm John
½ March 20, 2015
Doctor investigates a series of bizarre slaying and rapes in a small Wisconsin town that ties to the supernatural. Builds anticipation to conclusion before reaching an unsatisfying finish. Presence of Harvey Atkin confirms this as a Canadian film with Cassavetes on board in another non-conformist role. Theatre interlude highlighted by video from Canadian band FM from their album City of Fear.
½ January 25, 2015
Everytime you trash a John Cassavetes film, just remember that he was forced to make shit like this in order to finance those films by him that you don't like.
October 20, 2012
Very creepy, an unsettling ambiance. To all of u moronic critics who compare all films, regardless of budget, on the same merits. Wake up!!
October 15, 2012
Why Demons always be raping white folks?
½ August 19, 2012
Other than a few instances of notable directing and scoring this was a rather pedestrian horror.
September 20, 2011
A bit mixed, but ultimately quite an interesting slasher curio. Quite violent, although the violence is more suggested than actually witnessed or when it is you only see it from the facial expression of the victim. Overall quite unsettling - rather like much of the acting.
August 18, 2011
I'm very surprised by the average low rating on this movie. The Incubus in an original horror film, with great (tasteful) effects and my only complaint is that I hadn't seen it sooner.
½ June 4, 2011
Some weird acting moments from Cassavetes in this film.
½ July 11, 2010
What on earth was Cassevetes thinking when he agreed to be in this? The rape in the museum is unintentionally funny but apart from that nothing much happens until the last half-hour. No great denoument, and the explanation in the final 10 minutes is an unsatisfying face-palm.
April 24, 2010
December 12, 2009
Cassavetes had to finance his own films somehow. Call him a sellout if you will, but if acting in this film gave him the money/power/time to make "Love Streams" in 1984, I've got absolutely no complaints. That said, "The Incubus" is an ineptly scripted, poorly handled pastiche of horror/thriller clichés with some hilariously shameless expository dialogue. At least they had Schlitz at the bar and a cop named Clem. Best line: "I brought you a Coca~Cola."
½ August 30, 2009
Stupid but violent. C
July 5, 2009
A very bizarre Canadian-made horror flick that has a very nasty premise about a mysterious incubus creature that brutally rapes young women; this kind of storyline might have been worked on the written page in the novel the film was based on, but there are limitations about what can be shown on-screen, so sitting through this movie is something of a chore. You see very little of the actual incubus (but lots and LOTS of dialogue passages describing the sperm he leaves in his victims) and most of the movie consists of dialogue scenes where the characters take very long pauses between their lines and keep things moving at a snail's pace; it all builds up to an unsatisfying shock ending that makes no sense and leaves plenty of loose ends dangling. The film's oddest moment is probably the hilariously out-of-place film-within-a-film that's shown during a movie theater sequence, which showcases a bizarre rock video from a hard rock band called Samson and features a pre-Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson!
July 5, 2009
This is a pretty dumb movie that completely fails to scare anyone. It does make for a good drinking game, though: take a swig every time someone says "sperm". You'll be drunk in no time.
June 3, 2009
A bad early 80's attempt at a supernatural thriller with a lame ending.
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