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December 23, 2017
Neuvostoliittolainen terroristi Rostov tekee maihinnousun Amerikkaan ja aikoo syökseä maan sekasortoon. Meneepä pahis vielä polttamaan Matt Hunterin (Chuck Norris) talon. Paha virhe! Vain yksi mies voi estää Rostovin suunnitelmat.

Tämä oli mielestäni jossain vaiheessa maailman paras elokuva ja kyllähän tämä viihteenä toimii vieläkin. Elokuva sisältää legendaarisia heittoja kuten "Jos tulet vielä takaisin, niin lyön sinua niin monta kertaa oikealla että kerjäät vasuria". Chuck Norris käyttää lyöntien ja potkujen lisäksi aseistuksenaan kahta micro uzia.
½ May 16, 2017
Such an over-the-top, insane little B-Movie actioner. The plot is paranoid and a little laughable, but it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Chuck is hilariously more ruthless in this one than his other movies.
½ March 17, 2017
It's a pretty dumb storyline, but if you know it's a Chuck Norris film then you kind of expect it. Fans of his should like it though as he's solid enough in the sponsored vigilante role.
August 30, 2016
Chuck pysytt neukkujen pohjimmiltaan aika onnettoman invaasio yrityksen!
August 9, 2016
A terrorist has a nightmare of chuck Norris killing him gets scared and invades USA! It's brilliant!! Well it's not it's bloody cheap and dreadful but it's comedy gold from the get go. Turn off your brain get drunk and prepare for a great time laughing at this genius
½ June 18, 2016
He's one man alone. What can he do?

Matt Hunter is a former CIA agent that pissed off the wrong terrorist. He had a chance to kill the terrorist, but his mission called for him to be arrested, not killed, so Matt reluctantly restrained himself. The terrorist has returned and is on a mission to invade the USA; but first, he must use his militia to hunt down Matt and kill him. Matt is informed of the possible invasion and becomes a one-man army taking down the terrorist organization.

"As long as he's breathing he's a threat."

Joseph Zito, director of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Missing in Action, The Prowler, Red Scorpion, Power Play, and Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol, delivers Invasion U.S.A. The storyline for this picture is miserable, clich, and Rambo in the United State (mixed with Cobra). The action scenes have a classic 80s feel to it and Norris is in classic form throughout the film.

"It's time to die."

I came across this on cable and decided to give it a viewing for giggles. This is classic Chuck Norris bad. The action and premise are over the top bad and the acting is equally disappointing. Overall, this is only worth seeing for diehard fans of the genre.

"I'm sick of frogs."

Grade: D
April 16, 2016
The film's story and plot is just corny in every possible way, but this film just keeps you entertained from beginning to end. I believe it should have made more money and definitely deserves better reviews. To me this is one of the best action films to come from the 80s.
January 27, 2016
Quite a stiff performance by old Chuck in this one, but enough completely devastating one-liners to save a sinking Titanic. Also Richard Lynch plays the perfect villain, his acting and presence commands believable cruelty and sadism!

This one is filled to the brim with politics that will offend almost everybody in 2016 and so naturally I love it for that. Features some cool stunts and many explosions as well as a far-out plot about a patchwork of pseudo-revolutionary puritans who are disgusted by the decadence of Americans, invading the cities and suburbs and blowing everybody to smithereens.

Besides the obvious cheese quality my only real gripe is the clear hatred shown between Chuck Norris and Richard Lynch has zero context. Why the nemesis nature of the relationship? What happened? Besides his actions towards civilians it's hard to get on-board and root for Chuck because we don't know why Chuck hates Richard so much. Definitely a major plot hole.

Recommended with beers.
January 6, 2016
Serving as another collaboration between Cannon Films and Chuck Norris, Invasion U.S.A. sound like a fun guilty pleasure.

Predictably, Invasion U.S.A. has the exact same plot viewers have seen countless times before. The protagonist is a retired expert in the art of action who denies chances to return to the battle until someone attempts to assassinate him. The thing that makes this film different from all the others is the fact that as its title suggests, the subject matter relates to an invasion. This is not an entire country declaring war on America, this is a cold war-era tale of violent communism in which a gun-toting patriot must be sent in to protect the war on freedom. You'd think that there would be some extent of guilty pleasure in the patriotic intentions of the film and for the least-demanding fans of Chuck Norris films its bound to find a following. But as a comprehensive feature, it is far from gracious.
As ridiculous as it already sounds the story turns nonsensical very fast. After establishing that communists are the enemies, they manage to somehow Invade an American beach unseen and then inflict terrorism on suburban American neighbourhoods of all places. The viewer is left to determine their own answer as to why this is the case, but the cold hard fact is simply that Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus are notorious penny-pinchers who will do whatever it takes to avoid paying the ferryman. When the viewer quits questioning the internal logic in the story and realizes what is actually happening, they'll see that Invasion U.S.A. is simply a nonsensical collection of shootouts and explosions loosely tied together between sporadic shots of Chuck Norris' blank expression. The formula for this Chuck Norris vehicle ends up being the same one used in his superior film The Delta Force (1986) which also borrowed the entire premise from Menahem Golan's Operation Thunderbolt (1977). However, The Delta Force had a more versatile collection of action scenes than Invasion U.S.A. ends up having.
After an intro scene of Invasion U.S.A., there isn't any major action for a while. After a long wait of a poor excuse for plot building, the action unfolds in all its glory. The glory is minimal. There is actually a clever background to how Invasion U.S.A. got away with a low budget. Many of the major action scenes were shot at locations which were actually being demolished, allowing the producers to freely blow up all the scenery they desired. Unfortunately, it didn't exactly pave the way for the best action scenes. Since Invasion U.S.A. rests on the shoulders of its generic contract as a Chuck Norris film, it must be judged as such. Unfortunately, the film offers little aside from the sight of Chuck Norris holding two submachine guns tied around his neck with a belt.
Despite having a lot of genuine scenery to blow up, Invasion U.S.A. condemns viewers to live through the same basic action scenes over and over again in which the antagonists point missile launchers at buildings and let off a blank flash before explosions go off from inside the establishments and leave a lot of pretty lights with insufficient rubble. The lack of realism in why these buildings are being attacked is second only to the fact that it is clearly very artificial, and it means that the wait for it to all actually happen is extremely far from satisfaction. Anyone with half a brain could have disguised things a bit better with use of multiple camera angles and some fast editing, but with everything in Invasion U.S.A. being so cheap and slow the satisfaction is not achieved. Perhaps the final nail on the coffin for Invasion U.S.A.'s poor imagery is the fact that since the majority of the film happens at night, it almost all occurs underneath the burden of an abundance of shadow. It doesn't make things hard to see, but it prevents the presence of any colourful life taking over the production.
Ironically, the attempts to capitalize on these explosions with the use of slow-motion to prolong them ultimately gives viewers a greater opportunity to pick apart just how faulty they really are. The slow motion is used in practically very action scene in the film, preventing there from being a sense of fast-movement even when bullets are flying and punches are being thrown. If the film lost about 20 minutes of its pretentious excuse for plotting then maybe it could function as a faster film, but caught up in its attempts to pretend there is some kind of dramatic meaning at the heart of this Cannon Film, Joseph Zito wastes the time of too many people behind the camera and in front of the screen.
Chuck Norris is the only thing that stands about about Invasion U.S.A.. Were it not for his presence then it would become yet another forgettable Cannon Film, but his denim jacket, jeans and dual submachine gun-equipped neck belt give the film memorable imagery. Unfortunately, the man himself is actively underutilized. As good as he looks and as skilful he is at handling weapons and choreographing combat, he doesn't get to perform in any major good action scenes which really takes his major gimmicks away. And as well as that, he lacks any real badass nature. Almost lifeless in the role, Chuck Norris delivers not a single word of dialogue with anything but the lowest level of spirit in him. He seems fairly bored in the role, as if Joseph Zito got the last of his life out of him with Missing in Action (1984) and then attempted to beat the dead horse with Invasion U.S.A.. Chuck Norris's best talents come from his badass embodiment of the American spirit that hits from the south and his extensive martial arts training, but due to a lack of fight choreography and a script which has no major 80's movie zing, Matt Hunter ends up being a character as generic as his shopworn surname. Chuck Norris doesn't hit anything hard enough for a film that makes a big call with a title like Invasion U.S.A., but since the writers and directors fail to try any harder than him there is no spark from either side.

So Invasion U.S.A. puts Chuck Norris back into another Cannon Film and delivers absolutely minimal with an incomprehensibly ridiculous premise, sub-par action and a distinctive lack of patriotic spirit.
December 20, 2015
Not the best movie in the world but a good action movie where Chuck uses more guns then his black belt skills. I loved this movie when I was a kid :) The russians invade in this, I couldn't help thinking of this happing for real one day with Muslims.
December 16, 2015
Basically a crap Die Hard, which still makes it better than 90% of all other films.
November 11, 2015
An army of international terrorists (who clearly hate freedom) invade America with only Chuck Norris standing in their way. The terrorist plans unravel after they fail to kill Norris in the swamps prior to the invasion, with Norris thwarting several heinous acts singlehandedly. Essential action from the Golan-Globus stable.
September 29, 2015
Chuck Norris wipes out all the godless commie scum.
September 20, 2015
Chuck Norris, a retired CIA agent is goaded into returning to the job after his former arch-rival organizes in an invasion of the USA as a joint venture between the USSR and some drug smuggling Central American commies. Starting right before Christmas, and concentrating in Florida, the invaders conduct terrorist activities by blowing up suburban homes, shooting up randoms in the Cuban expat community of Miami (igniting the race war), taking over a carnival, attempting to bomb a church, targeting a school bus full of kiddies, and attacking a shopping mall. Similar acts take place across the US; this causes much confusion. Martian Law is declared. Chuck watches Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, and is arrested for his vigilantism. Soon clearer thoughts prevail and Chuck, along with the National Guard and some well-armed citizens, push the baddies back to the sea. A better-than-average 80's action flick. Being made by Cannon, you know its got tons of gunfire, explosions and boobs.
September 3, 2015
Entertaining flick. That scene with the school bus would have been cooler if the bus would have blown up.
March 18, 2015
My favorite Chuck Norris film but only because of how ridiculous it is.
½ January 16, 2015
Completely ludicrous.
½ November 19, 2014
One of those bad Chuck Norris movies from the 80s that flaunts its jingoism. Chuck co-wrote the screenplay! Sample line: "If you come back in here, I'm gonna hit you with so many rights you're gonna beg for a left." Classic Chuck.
October 13, 2014
This is a great action and great Chuck Norris film. It's pretty cheesy but its cheesy in that awesome manly way we all love. It's pure entertainment just like its meant to be.
August 22, 2014
This is my new favorite Chuck Norris movie. The whole thing is absolutely absurd. There's very little explanation, just Chuck Norris going around and blowing up terrorists.
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