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½ January 13, 2016
Literal, but not the most involving.
½ April 3, 2010
An awe-inspiring film on the life of the Man who changed who has touched more lives than any other.
½ February 20, 2010
(Just a note I have the edition that is only 89 minutes long, assumabley the kids version, but the box does not say) Jesus is an awesome film which I have been greatley inspired by. I am Christian just to get that part out of the way and I think it greatley depicts Jesus life as he lives, teaches, dies, and then is resurected.

The acting was so superb, I had to remind myself at only one point that this wasn't Jesus, just a guy in a costume. The supporting cast also did a great job they all truly looked at Brian Deacon (the guy who played Jesus) as though he were the Messiah and it was great seeing how it all rolled out in real life.

They followed the Gospel of Luke (just another note) and they do all the main scemes Him being baptized, the woman washing his feet with her tears and her hair, his philosiphies and other things and it was all done extremley well.

The setting (which I rarley mention in my reviews) was done very well, from what I understand they filmed in over 200 and it shows sometimes, I felt sucked into the setting because it kept moving and flowing very well. They spoke very well they didn't butcher it like most actors would have, they actually spoke like they were from 2000 years ago and they all spoke flawlesly. The costumes and background acting was also done well nothing seemed artifical it all seemed real and very well done.

The one thing that did catch me was the fact that the ending was rather abrupt it caught me off gaurd how fast it ended it's like "I'm the son of God, I do NOT die yo!!! Peace out homes!" they could have done the aftermath a little better but instead they have a small thing at the end (of my version, they have several) of how if you belive you'll have eternal life and a small prayer, which was great but it still seeme rather off.

Jesus was a great movie, but if it's goal was to convince me He was the son of God it probablly would have failed. BUT if it's goal was to make me feel like I was one of Jesus's follewers it completley succeeded in that pat, the entire time my eye were glued and I felt as though I was following Him and His teachings and even His words. Even if you don't belive Jesus is the son of God this is a great film and I would watch it almost any day. My recomendation? Buy it. Nine Last Suppers out of ten.
June 13, 2009
Probably the best evangelistic tool of all time! A+!
Super Reviewer
April 27, 2008
Just another fairytale.
November 27, 2006
Reverential if academically dry portrayal of Jesus as read from the Gospel of Luke. The lack of budget is shown all too clearly; special effects are poor, and script sticks so closely to the Bible without any imaginative dramatization. As Jesus Brian Deacon is uncontroversial enough, although lacking in sheer charisma. No other actors are memorable enough to merit a mention. The cinematography isn't something to gawk at either, and there are times when one should be awed but was left underwhelmed. An amateurish production intended for Sunday school pastors to demonstrate their points about the New Testament.
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