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July 19, 2010
I saw this movie once, and that was a very very long time ago but it has made an impact on me. Great story. I would love to see this movie again. It"s amazing how love can be made in heaven..=)
July 4, 2010
i want see this movie!!!
May 9, 2010
Mike saves a woman trapped in a sinking car, dies himself and gets into heaven. There he falls in love with Annie, who was born in heaven and never has been on earth. The two get married and after a short time they get to know it's her time to be born on earth and are painfully separated. Devastated Mike persuades his guardian angel to let him be reincarnated too and sent down to earth, to be reunited with Annie - if he can find her. The deal is, he has to find her before his 30th birthday or they will never be together again. The thing is, once reincarnated as Elmo, Mike has no memory of Annie or their time in heaven, but he feels unhappy without knowing what is missing. And the time is ticking away... I love this movie, but I haven't seen it in years!!! Unfortunately...
January 26, 2010
I really love thios picture can any body tell me how to get it
December 16, 2009
This film is fun to watch and offers ease to how death can be...and it is very close to how I feel it best as a humans can explain it.
December 11, 2009
The feeling of true love making the heart grow fonder is a vital facet of human nature. This simple film displays that feeling wonderfully through the mysteriousness of connection even in distance.
December 7, 2009
One of the best if not the best Romantic Movies of all times. Seen it at least 14 times and will watch it again
November 24, 2009
November 24, 2009
soooo romantic and amazing... like it a loooot
October 24, 2009
Absolutely!!!! I Love this movie, looovvveee it!
½ September 17, 2009
i've seen this first in 1993... one of my favorite romantic movies since! you must see it!
September 15, 2009
½ September 2, 2009
Love this!! Love the spiritual life beyond our earthly life theme...
July 5, 2009
Hunting for this on DVD!!!!
My favorite quote came from this movie! "Get up Girl, This Aint Ya House"
June 20, 2009
This movie has remained one of my favorite movies of all time. The script is great, and although this movie doesn't rely on special effects, it certainly has a powerful hold over me when it comes to a real love story. It dictates the trials and tribulations on both nature and nurture, as well as the divine agency of life, and hell on earth. Watch this movie, and you will surely want to "dance the night away".
May 18, 2009
" I love this movie"
April 26, 2009
Sly and the family Stone!!!
April 18, 2009
Gerek Konusu Gerekse Konunun ─░┼?lenmesi ─░le G├╝zel Romantik Film
April 16, 2009
Love this movie. It's like many romantic movies I am attracted to; those that have some haunting way of uniting.
April 4, 2009
Everyone really has to see this movie. It is such a romantic beautiful movie. My fav movie ever
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