The Manhattan Project Reviews

November 15, 2019
Marshall Brickman's The Manhattan Project is also about the development of a nuclear device, but it's a lot of fun and perhaps the most exciting movie of the summer season so far.
July 12, 2007
The Manhattan Project remains a clever time capsule of 80s nuclear commentary and a timeless, endlessly watchable thriller.
January 19, 2007
July 19, 2005
June 27, 2005
December 21, 2004
August 25, 2004
Many viewers will find themselves cheering for the military men and FBI agents a they try to stop this self-centered kid from achieving his dream of personal glory.
July 1, 2004
April 16, 2004
February 10, 2004
a highly underrated film that anyone can enjoy -- even if you aren't a massive, massive nerd.
January 30, 2004
August 15, 2003
December 6, 2002
August 15, 2002
Surprisingly biting film with great performances by Cynthia Nixon and John Lithgow
August 12, 2002
Often more exasperating than it is entertaining.
July 29, 2002
January 1, 2000
There was something absorbing about these nuclear scientists doing their job.
January 1, 2000
A clever, funny and very skillful thriller about how the kid builds his own atomic bomb.