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½ January 18, 2014
I like this movie. Martin Luther was as worthy and courageous as our Martin Luther King Jr. Both have changed the world.
October 26, 2013
A good movie. I watched it on my own. Not the best reformation movie (John Hus is exceptional), but probably the next best. A decent portrayal of one of the most important figures in history.
August 3, 2010
Rather dated, but actually quite a good bio-pic detailing the significant happenings in the life of one of history's great liberators.
½ November 1, 2009
In honor of Reformation Day we watched Martin Luther. How great to be reminded. So many words of wisdom!
January 3, 2009
doing my project on protestant
Super Reviewer
July 16, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR
May 18, 2008
Things about this one I like better than the new one Luther, but some things about this I like least. Still worth the watch!
May 6, 2008
its a fantastic movie.
March 21, 2008
I did not really like this movie.
½ March 11, 2008
I liked it somewhat more like 3.5 stars.

Good music, recognizable shots of the landscape and settings, and some nice historical details informed by such personages as Jaroslav Pelikan stand out.
The opening, Luther's farewell party - correctly showing him giving his lute away - seems at first like a strange choice given expectations of a rendition of the thunderbolt story, but turns out to be an effective way to introduce key characters and set the scene. I find it useful to compare this film to the to the recent 2003 "Luther." I find that film is not as emotionally engaging and seems to show less of Luther's fiery yet captivating personality, and the use of a narrator gives it a much more detached, documentary-reenactment-like feel. But at the same time, it also utilizes less creative license, which can potentially bother viewers of the newer "Luther," which relies on some imagination to give a more powerful impression of personalities. More narration in this version means less that the drama and acting is responsible for conveying. This is arguably good for restraining exaggeration, but may also remove dramatic challenges and with them, dramatic depth. Yet for all its seriousness, there are moments of wit: When Katharine pointedly refuses to marry two potential husbands, Martin's reply is, "Don't look at me like that!" The film's historical treatment does, however, bother me at one point: my understanding is that Vicar General Johann von Staupitz was noticably more helpful and sympathetic than he seems in this movie, though he certainly had his points of disagreement. Given Luther's respect and affection for the man, it would have been rewarding to see his character, who had a good deal of screen time, more fleshed out.
March 9, 2008
I remember watching this quite awhile ago and enjoying it for the historical aspects of the film. I thought I had remembered seeing Richard Burton playing this part, but I can't find that movie I guess this is the one I saw.
½ February 4, 2008
Another great classic
November 30, 2007
One of my absolute favorite movies.
October 8, 2007
The definitive biopic of Martin Luther. Niall MacGuinesses's performances simmers with a deep and slow burn. Extraordinary.
July 19, 2007
Wow! Can anyone state their faith any more clearly? Martin Luther was one of the initiators of the Reformation which began modern Christianity as we know it today. He believed unlike most Catholics that one is justified by faith alone and all a person needs is Christ! Amen.
July 5, 2007
I must say, I do per fer the acting of this version over the new one.
June 20, 2007
Magical. Every scene is great, highlighting some of the more notable events of Luthers life..."Heresy! So be is still the Truth."
June 12, 2007
Really really bad acting.
June 9, 2007
I haven't seen this in a long while, but I remember it being very good.
April 3, 2007
rest in peace brother xx
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