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½ August 1, 2017
Can see it as a template for other movies and is watchable, but as a standalone horror film, it fails to scare or really enthrall the viewer; a classic that did not age well.
August 1, 2017
It is a classic monster movie because of its originality but it didn't age well and to a modern audience the film can seem quite dull.
June 9, 2017
Boris Karloff, one of the great horror actors of this era, is the one who truly made this a GREAT MOVIE!!!
June 5, 2017
Boris Karloff is the man. Or the Mummy, as it were.
Super Reviewer
June 5, 2017
When looking at classic monster-horror films, there's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief needed. Not necessarily meaning that the films have no realism, but more so that the films are so dated in style and aesthetic that it becomes extremely difficult to understand how moviegoers were able to feel the scares of such a film. The Mummy is an interesting movie with the mythology it sets up, but lacks the thrills or lasting direction to catapult itself into the hall of fame of horror films. One thing this film does incredibly well is use Boris Karloff. Because the film is more of an atmospheric horror, it relies on particular creepy images rather than scaring with shock-horror, and no image is more creepy than a close up of Boris Karloff staring you down directly into the camera. He's a legend, and The Mummy is just one of many examples of that. Following along in the same sort of structure as films like Frankenstein, you can figure out the plot beats relatively easy, but that doesn't necessarily take away from the experience, though it certainly doesn't enhance it. Overall, this short take on The Mummy mythology is a fun one, even if it produces little to no scares whatsoever.

March 28, 2017
8 out of 10:

It may lack the thrills in the other monster movies, but The Mummy still has good acting and great sets.
December 24, 2016
One of the classic Universal horror movies, The Mummy rises above most horror movies of due to Boris Karloff's wonderfully sinister performance and an influential style that has been used in many of the most memorable modern horror films.
½ December 6, 2016
The film dated very badly, acting is outdated and superficial, except for Karloff of course. Opening scenes are awesome still and the scenes of ancient Egypt are enigmatic. Overall atmosphere is fine though. The screenplay is outstanding dealing with something unknown and very ancient. But I strongly thing that sound did bad for this movie. Had it been a silent movie it would only gain from it.
½ December 1, 2016
A fantastic story with intresting charecters, and fantastic acting. Boris Karloff does amazing at playing Imhotep! I have only one real complaint. This movie is called "The Mummy" but we hardly see Imhotep in mummy form. For 95% of the time he has all his flesh! They should've renamed this movie "Curse of Imhotep." Besides that I loved this movie, and its creepy Egyptian set up.
½ November 6, 2016
Not at all what I expected going in, I thoroughly enjoyed what we got a lot more than a standard monster movie. Boris Karloff is incredible.
October 14, 2016
Karloff shines in a performance that is every bit the equal of his Frankenstein role.
October 6, 2016
My favorite Universal monster movie of all time
Boris Karloff was amazing and really menacing as The Mummy.
October 2, 2016
Ok, everyone on the reviews and rotten tomatoes were saying this movie was the best mummy movie of all time. So i watched it to have my own opinion about the movie and i was sadly let down. This movie wasnt good. I was bored and i didnt find any of the characters interesting. I was hesitate from the beginining because i dont really watch movies that are in black& white, but since its october now i wanted to finally watch these universal monsters movie, and so far im not impressed. i think the mummy 1959 is far superior and also Brenden Frasier's version is better as well. That was the first mummy movie id ever seen and i loved it even still to this day. 1932 mummy sucks.
August 26, 2016
If only it was om blue ray 3D
½ June 28, 2016
Another Universal classic monster movie, although as a modern movie goer, you may find old movies a little long in general, but this one in perticular. It has it's good moments, but some moments are just horribly long. But in the end, you've at least watched a universaly known Universal monster movie. But the title is a bit misleading, cause with this one, you're waiting for a mummy that kills people, but it ain't that at all, it's almost more like a romantic film. The sets are some of the most beautiful I've seen in old films and it's just a good movie. Recommended !!
February 22, 2016
I love the first act of this, and it's a really clever premise, but it really loses steam as it goes. Definitely worth watching, but doesn't entirely work
February 9, 2016
A pair of archaeologists are cataloging their findings in Egypt when they unwittingly resurrect the cursed mummy of Im-Ho-Tep (Boris Karloff). Working under the guise of Ardath Bey, this mystical creature hatches a scheme to use subterfuge and murder to win back the reincarnated soul of his ancient lover (Zita Johann). First-time director Karl Freund was the cinematographer on Dracula and, in addition to his expressionistic composition, The Mummy's parallels to its vampiric forebear include the use of several supporting cast members and some borrowed plot points. The Mummy is an unambitious little horror story, but strong direction buoyed the film to lasting success; the decades of Mummy remakes, spin-offs, and rip-offs are a testament to this movie's remarkable staying power.
January 4, 2016
How have I made it 31 years without watching this fantastic (and fantastical) creeper?! This might be my new favorite of the early Universal monster movies, competing only with THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Karloff acquits himself masterfully as a priest so obsessed with his former flame that he will stop at nothing to bring back his beloved from 3,700 years in the grave. This film has some great camera work for being such an early talkie, and I wish that Freund had had access to a steadicam. Maybe in the next life.
December 5, 2015
very disappointing so far the worst of the universal original horror monster movies
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