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June 17, 2012
You know, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected it would be. First of all, with Swayze, Neeson, Paxton, Hunt and even Stiller the cast was actually not too bad. However, suffering through Neeson's "hillbilly" accent was a little hard to do and the mob guys were ridiculous cliches. Not to mention that the over-riding theme of the film was southern hillbilly vigilante justice...and togetherness...and crossbows...and more togetherness. All in all, its one of those terrible late night 80s punch/kick/shoot/car chase films that every now and then, its fun to sit back and watch.
June 12, 2012
During the first two reels, this is one of those rare movies so truly dreadful that it's great. Not quite in Ed Woods territory, but pretty close. The acting is so wooden, the dialogue so preposterous, the plot so comic-book, the cinematography so hackneyed, the stereotypes so predictable " although to be fair, only one character stepped directly from Z.Z. Top, the rest being from Li'l Abner " that Next Of Kin cannot fail to entertain. Even the sound track is corny and the costumes, the toupees and the makeup are exquisitely bad.

Alas, in the third reel Next of Kin falls into familiar 1970s tv series territory and ends with an entirely predictable grand guignol shoot-out.
April 12, 2012
lol got to love the family
March 31, 2012
Swayze returns along with the likes of Liam Neeson to kick ass Southern-style in the big city in this revenge tail.
½ November 3, 2011
slow but entertaining build up to a hopeful ending that fell flat on its face. not one of patrick swayze's best, but Liam Neeson did an amazing job
October 11, 2011
Great all around movie with a very strong message on family and what you will do to protect them. Excellent example of finding the limit and when and where to cross it.
October 6, 2011
Probably the finest hillbilly cop movie ever made. Pure 80's cheese going on here. Patrick Swayze is a big city cop caught between two worlds when his brother is murdered. This one has a great supporting cast of people who were kind've unkown at the time. Helen Hunt, Liam Neeson, Bill Paxton, and a really young Ben Stiller. Liam Neeson plays Swayze's hillbilly brother who comes to town to get revenge as well. You know you have a winner when we get a crossbow thron into the mix as a weapon. Next of Kin didn't win any awards but it is some mindless fun.
August 30, 2011
Very good movie. Great storyline and lots of great acting. Its so different watching an 80's action movie from present day action movie. A Pleasant change. :-)
½ August 13, 2011
Fantastic cast of characters, not the best story line ever, but Patrick Swayze and company manage to make it entertaining!
July 20, 2011
Amazing...Showdown in the cemetary.
½ April 22, 2011
What is the best Patrick Swayze film that I've ever seen, Oh! It's "Ghost" with Demi Moore, well in that film he's dead. And speaking of dead, here we go again, an another super predictable and yet dead movie with intense action sequences plus some romance. So, what do you want from this movie, I think you will be only disappointed in what you will expect. Who cares? Still it has great cast, Patrick Swayze of course, Liam Neeson in his early role who is much better in Taken and Unknown, Helen Hunt, is that really Helen Hunt, and then Ben Stiller, who is I think should have been in a comedy film than in a film like this. And as the movie goes on, lots of killing, lots of plan, lots of dialogue, but wait where's the plot?
Well, I guess that's what the film can give to the audiences, another same old crap story that I'm always tired of watching and yet it is not good. And it could have been more a lot better.
February 27, 2011
One of Patrick Swayze's best movies. There is great action in this. And this is probably one of the first movies I saw Liam Neeson in. He doesn't have a big role but he's there.
February 26, 2011
lol got to love the family
Super Reviewer
December 27, 2010
Swayze returns along with the likes of Liam Neeson to kick ass Southern-style in the big city in this revenge tail.
December 17, 2010
I didn't like this. It was totally laughable when a hillbily coal miner tries outrun the mob in the city, comedy gold. Especially the plot and dialouge were unbearable what made it unintentionally funny.
½ July 25, 2010
Like Roadhouse, fans of Patrick Swayze will think this is a good action movie. The rest of us won't.
June 26, 2010
Great movie;prime example when dealing with family from the country and mountains,blood is thicker than water.
May 9, 2010
bill paxton ,liam neeson,ben stiller,adam (my bodyguard,animal mother from full metal jacket) baldwin and patrick swayze .. fill up the cast as a bunch of good ole boys take on the mob .. liam neeson's southern accent is rather good considering irish
May 1, 2010
Wow, Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson, Adam Baldwin, Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt and Ben Stiller, who knew you could have that much talent in a movie and have it suck so bad. There are a few moments in this movie that are ok, most of which is cause of Adam Baldwin, but most of it is pretty cheesy and the end is completely unbelievable. Overall I was just hoping for a lot more from a cast this good, I guess I just set my standards to high for this one.
April 29, 2010
One of Swayze's better movies...and a very small appearance by a young Ben Stiller.
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