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½ January 18, 2015
one neil simon's best efforts I think
June 30, 2014
This has the wrong cover box on the review page. This film plays like a broadway plan with Marsha Mason overacting, as usual...BUT this was one of my favorite movies because of Kristy McNichol, whom I loved as a teen. Unfortunately only a couple of her films are available on UV or DVD, and they aren't her best films. They need to release Little Darlings and The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia, as well as The Pirate Movie, as those were some of her best movies. She was my teen idol and crush.
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½ February 10, 2014
Lesser Neil Simon dramedy with a fine performance from Marsha Mason. The problem is that her character is so selfish it's difficult to sympathize with her, since she's the focus of the piece that's vital. The result is that you feel detached from the proceedings. Joan Hackett gives her customarily excellent performance for which she was Oscar nominated but the part isn't award worthy. Still since this was her final feature film role before her death it nice that she was so honored for her many years of work.
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January 11, 2011
This starts out as a good drama about a mother and daughter, but it gets more and more predictable as it goes on. The actors are good, and I like theatre themed movies, but this one is just okay.
August 31, 2010
Although this film has the word laugh in the title it is not a comedy, it's a drama. It's a pretty good drama too, it's a slice of life type story about an actress and her daughter. The movie starts out good, but then you realize how predictable it is, and that it's not so good. Overall, it's an okay movie, though, Simon is a good writer.
August 3, 2010
This cover is for the wrong movie! Based on Neil Simon's renowned dramedy. Incredibly talented cast! The story of how these friends have survived everything by sticking together appeals to me. And the one-liners are pure Simon, esp. Coco's monologue about being one of the great "shit heels" of all time. Fabulous!
March 18, 2010
Not a bad movie to watch one time. James Coco was absolutely awful, but there were enough moments to make it worthwhile.
August 20, 2009
wrong dvd box picture! The pic shown is for a British series with the same name.

I love this movie. Yea,its a bit stagey(It's Neil Simon afterall), but I love Marsha's performance. If Hepburn weren't up for On Golden Pond that year Marsha would've won the Oscar.
Plus, what always gets overlooked is the brilliant choice Mason makes as an actress at the end of the film when in a flash she realizes that her "friends" are enabling her and maybe she may have to let them go. Critics didn't give this film enough credit for it's take on not just alcoholism but love addiction. And let's not forget McNichol's brilliant confrontation scene with Mason after McNichol tries to get drunk to see what her mother sees in it.
½ August 16, 2009
Okay movie, not worth watching twice.
September 27, 2007
lines that struck me most:
"does it hurt?"
"only when i laugh"
½ August 24, 2007
not too bad but the writing was a bit cheesy at times but still worth the watch.
January 24, 2007
I don't Know who Graeme Muir is..But she does have my last name.
½ October 22, 2006
5.5/10. I wish someone would tell Neil Simon that real people do not talk in a string of witty one liners. All of his films have the same kind of writing - bad. I am also not a fan of his ex-wife, Marsha Mason. She is in my opinion one of the most overrated actresses. How she nabbed an Oscar nomination for this escapes me. James Coco is terrific however, Joan Hackett does well in her role. Kristy McNichol simply can not act, but that's not news.
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