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January 31, 2017
great cast but terrible reviews.
½ December 1, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
½ June 24, 2013
Tacky Tinseltown soaper, logging the unscrupulous rise to stardom of an Academy-nominated actor in a succession of flashbacks, featuring numerous stellar walk-ons and dreadful dialogue.
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July 5, 2012
"The Oscar" is bad, sure, but it's not as hilariously bad as I was led to believe. Not bad enough to worth taking the time to see. The script has many terrible attempts at "snappy wit," but the stale lines aren't as notable as Stephen Boyd's awful lead performance as a heartless, second-tier actor conspiring to save his career -- he adopts some ape-like mannerisms that are truly bewildering. An incredible set of stars passes through the film (Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Merle Oberon, Peter Lawford, Hedda Hopper, Broderick Crawford, Ed Begley Sr., Joseph Cotten, Tony Bennett), and Milton Berle (as Boyd's agent) and Ernest Borgnine (as a shady private investigator) have some good moments in supporting roles. But if you're looking for campy laughs from this era, other silly bombs such as "Skidoo," "Valley of the Dolls," "Candy," "The Cool Ones" and "Myra Breckenridge" provide greater rewards.
½ March 26, 2010
One of the gaudiest pieces of camp ever committed to celluloid.
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½ May 17, 2009
Overblown and hoky but compulsively watchable nontheless.
½ February 18, 2009
GOOD flick. Loved the twisty ending...(the first time anyway).
½ January 19, 2009
"I'm up to HERE with all this bringdown!!!"

"The Oscar" is one of the greatest, memorably bad movies.
A story of the narcissistic, scenery-chewing, Stephen Boyd and his rough climb to Hollywood stardom. Not an understated performance by any means. His anger goes to 11, and rarely falls below 8.

The direction is stagy, the screenplay contains some of the weirdest metaphors, AND it features the bad-acting debut of Tony Bennett. Even the great Ernest Borgnine can't elevate this train wreck, yet I can't give it less than two-and-a-half stars, because it's so damn fascinating. I'm sure to watch it again.

One of the best examples of how Hollywood forgot how to make movies in the mid-'60's.
½ January 5, 2009
This was a really strange yet enjoyable film from 1966 about a disturbed young actor that would stop at nothing to reach his goal of achieving an Oscar. Great cast of characters but stand-outs here were (surprisingly) by Tony Bennett who plays his best friend & PR man of sorts and again (surprisingly) a most impressive performance by Milton Berle in a completely dramatic role as his agent. Very 60s film (and a hidden little sleeper of a gem that often makes it to those "best of the worst" or "so bad they're good" lists) that also features other big stars such as Joseph Cotton, Jill St. John and Elke Sommer.
June 18, 2008
Brillian camp, almost art. It ain't that easy to write something this lurid. Tony Bennett acting? Tony Bennet's character being named Hymie Kelly? (!)Lovely Elke Sommer showing all acting students "Don't do it this way!", a real beauty though and countrywoman of mine. (Bless her effort though.) Dialogue to make you laugh out loud and a really hyppocrytical script all conspire to make what I consider the first real disaster movie, all star cast....just no jet or ship. It was also one of the last overwrough, old style melocheese-dramas such as Lana Turner's "Madame X", making 1966 the last true year of old time Hollywood. Most everything after that became "realistic" and cruel, stark and socially concious. Don't we get that in real-life enough? A must see gem with tons of stars, lousy lines and great clothes. The wonderful Stephen Boyd saves the movie by blowing fuses left and right and he was considered for Bond at the time. He was Irish. Folks, get it anyway you can! You'll LOVE IT!!!!!
½ April 24, 2008
[font=Times New Roman]I love this film. Stephen Boyd as Frankie Fane steps on and over everyone on his way to the top of the Hollywood ladder. The film is loaded with laugh out loud dialogue and bad acting. Starting with Stephen Boyd, who played Mesaala in William Wyler?s Ben-Hur, ruins his career chewing everything that comes in his path. The bad acting is contagious and spreads to Jill St John as his stripper girlfriend, Elke Sommer, Milton Berle and especially Tony Bennett in what was both his film debut and his final film performance. His character has the improbable name of Hymie Kelly! While Boyd overacts, Bennett is just embarrassingly bad. After watching his performance you realize he left more than his heart in San Francisco. Cameo appearances overrun the movie by people who should know better than to appear in stuff like this. Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Bob Hope, Merle Oberon, Hedda Hopper, and Peter Lawford are a few of the unfortunate. The Oscar Award ceremony ending is classically unintentionally hilarious as is much of the rest of this movie.[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Movie Rating - D+[/font]
[font=Times New Roman]Guilty Pleasure Rating - 8/10[/font]
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