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½ September 30, 2017
A good classic movie that I remember watching this so all right here is a good fairytale movie to enjoy I like how Peter pan has them fly in London and they land on the clock of Big Ben and when they where flying that was a sweet. Peter Pan is a good classic movie that you will enjoy!!
September 7, 2017
One of the most magical Disney films!
August 3, 2017
A magical and entertaining tale, with beautiful animation, catching songs, and fantastic and memeroble characters such as Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell and of course Capitain Hook, one of the funniest villians in Disney History!

|It's an 7,9 out of 10|
July 18, 2017
I found staring at a wall to be more exciting
½ June 26, 2017
Peter Pan while not fully faithful of the source material J. M. Barie brought to the stage, stands on it's own as a classic with good animation and characters, and enjoyable songs.
June 10, 2017
I will have to take points off since I find the titular character to be unlikable and annoying, but apart from that, I really enjoyed Peter Pan for its memorable cast of characters (especially with the main villains Captain Hook and Smee), well-drawn animation, and some good songs.
May 8, 2017
i didnt care for this disney movie
May 4, 2017
You know what would've been interesting is that what if Wendy already had a boyfriend before she met Peter, named Edward. That way, Tink never realised that Wendy is already a girlfriend before and Edward had traveled to Neverland to retrieve Wendy and her brothers as Edward and Wendy share a most beautiful love scene.
May 4, 2017
Disney has made so many magical movies and Peter Pan is simply one of the very best. Whenever it seems like the world is too much to bear you can always take joy in knowing that there's a Neverland waiting for you where all your happy dreams come true. So bid your cares goodbye, grab some pixie dust and take off. (First viewing - Childhood)
May 2, 2017
This was a old classic movie to enjoy for kids and family you know it had funny moments
½ March 23, 2017
I liked this film as a child but seeing it again now I find that I can't hold the same opinion. I find the characters from Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Hook and Smee all to be irritating to one level or another. Be it voice acting or personality, something grates on my nerves. The music was subpar as well, "What Makes the Red Men Red"? Really? I also noticed that the pirate song is very similar to a song from Pinocchio as if Disney was too lazy to write anything new.

Don't get me wrong, Peter Pan wasn't terrible or anything but it was awfully forgettable, must be why I never revisited this before unlike other Disney films.
January 9, 2017
Another Disney masterpiece. Excellent storyline, thrilling action, absolutely delightful, and the tune you can fly will bring a tear to your eye, but maybe the last part's just me. The only problem is, this is a Disney movie where some real sexist comments and stereotypes come out. However, it's an old movie, and people had a different way of thinking in 1953 than they do today. Overall, an absolute delight to watch, and a must see Disney classic!
December 27, 2016
The most timeless and recognizable film portrayal of the classic storybook character, with Disney's name written all over it.
December 13, 2016
One of the defining features of my childhood, this still holds up after the past decades! That scene where Tinkerbell sacrifices herself for Peter is still frightening to watch, but the most powerful part of the movie!
November 24, 2016
Colorful Disney adaptation of the children's classic with memorable characters (Tinkerbell) and songs ("You Can Fly").
August 20, 2016
Absolutely loved this movie as a kid. It has amazing music and animation and I will always enjoy it. However, it is quite racist, and I won't show it to my kids.
½ August 15, 2016
Peter Pan is a fun movie and Captain Hook is one the funniest Disney villains!
August 12, 2016
: One of those instant classics, Peter Pan was a box office and critical success when it was released. Disney adapts the classic play by J.M. Barrie faithfully and brings to life the 1904 British play with colorful, original characters like Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, mascots of the studio today. Perhaps a little too faithfully though, animators chose to include some pretty racist portrayals of Native Americans from its source material, with cringe worthy scenes (there's even a song called "What Makes the Red Man Red"). Yikes. Though it hasn't aged well, it's still magical in almost every sense, Peter Pan maneuvers through slapstick humor as well as heartfelt emotion and nostalgia for childhood.
½ July 25, 2016
Not sure I've ever seen this all the way through but we really enjoyed this 60 year old Disney classic. My son was absolutely engrossed throughout and found the slapstick humour with Captain Hook and the crocodile hilarious. Sure we'll be bringing this out for a repeat viewing at some point.
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