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The Public Enemy Quotes

  • Tom Powers: Nuts to that stuff (breakfast)! Ain't ya got a drink in the house?

  • Tom Powers: Hiding behind Ma's skirts, like always.
    Mike Powers: Better than hiding behind a machine gun.

  • Matt Doyle: Gee, she's a honey. I could go for her myself.
    Tom Powers: Whatdya mean, you could go for her yourself? You could go for an eighty year old chick with rheumatism.

  • Tom Powers: Hello baby. What are you gonna have?
    Kitty: Anything you say, big boy.
    Tom Powers: You're a swell dish. I think I'm going to go for you.

  • Tom Powers: Hey, stoop, that's got gears. That ain't no Ford.

  • Tom Powers: Why that dirty, no good, yellow-bellied stool. I'm gonna give it to him right in the head the first time I see him.

  • Putty Nose: Are you alone?
    Tom Powers: I'm always alone when I'm with Matt.

  • Tom Powers: I ain't so tough.

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