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January 5, 2008
i've never seen this in my life
November 2, 2007
never seen the movie
August 29, 2007
July 22, 2007
some things never change
July 4, 2007
I've never seen it either. Is it some Facebook Propaganda? Does Dudly Moore own this site??
June 28, 2007
I don't know how this managed to be one of my favorites, but it's not.
June 27, 2007
i am totally with Ms. Natalie Jones here!!! but possible showed up due to mention of likeing romantic comedy films?
Super Reviewer
June 21, 2007

I've heard so much about this "Romantic comedy"...
June 12, 2007
I didn't even add this one I didn;t want to see it anyway
June 7, 2007
K, I've never seen this movie & I'm not sure how it got on my favorites list. I must have been tired!
June 6, 2007
WHy is this movie in my favs!!?
April 30, 2007
i will like to see them at any time.
Super Reviewer
April 7, 2007
Blah. Like Canned Corn or any other generic product, stick with name brands
August 5, 2006
4.5/10. Garbage Neil Simonish comedy with an awful Marvin Hamlish score, trite writing, predictable and downright annoying at times. I like Mary Steenburgen and Frances Sterhagen, but so dislike Dudley Moore and Ron Liebman.
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