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December 1, 2013
Despite its cliched plot, Running Scared is still fun end entertaining due to its charismatic leads.
November 15, 2013
i wanted to like it, I tried to like it, I however could not fake it. Just couldnt bring myself to care.
September 12, 2013
The 80s the buddy cop era never seen this movie all the way till the other nite on cable all I remember when it came out I was 7 yrs. Old and the stars of the film gregory Hines and Billy crystal where in the music video sweet freedom by Michael McDonald for the soundtrack !! The movie is nothing original but it works worth a watch a young jimmy smits (nypd blue ) plays the villain in it this movie is so old Gregory Hines was billed over Billy crystal in it !!
½ July 6, 2013
Superior police partner dramedy with great back and forth between Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines, and a bang up chase scene.
June 19, 2013
Seems to be, what thoroughly enjoyable mainstream cinema was in the U. S..
June 19, 2013
Great buddy cop movie!
May 21, 2013
This witty movie is about two wise cracking cops who are chasing a drug dealer. When the chase goes wrong their captain sends them on vacation so they go to key west and while there they open a business and decide to try something different. They are getting ready to start their business and get ready to retire the force. When they come back the dealer is ready to do a big drug deal and now have to return to being a cop and settle the score with the drug dealer. Here you have a great movie that is full of great action and has plenty of laughs. I thought the chemistry between Gregory Hines and billy crystal was extraordinarily funny. Their comedic performance was done at a high level that makes you get through the movie with ease. And also makes you laugh until you can't stand it no more. If you are in need of a great comedy/action movie then your prescription is Running Scared.
March 2, 2013
Probably the only Billy Crystal movie that is actually good. And it's one of my all time favorite movies. I never get tired of watching this one over and over again.
½ January 27, 2013
Fun with likeably funny characters and maintains your interest throughout. Plus 1986 cool was way cooler than what's cool today.
January 24, 2013
Witty buddy cops shoot em up 80's fare. Crystal and Hines are strange casting decisions for this type of movie but mostly they work well together and have some memorable lines concerning petite marshmallows.
December 17, 2012
Hilarious action comedy about two Chicago cops taking on a ruthless drug dealer. Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines make a great team. The one liners come fast and the action ever faster. One of the better cop movies from the 80's.

Ray: "Pointing a gun at a police officer. Can we waste them for that?"
Danny: "I think so."
½ November 14, 2012
Now this however is a CLASSIC.
½ September 29, 2012
Loved the Chicago shots! Funny movie!!
September 3, 2012
One of the best buddy cop flicks ever
August 31, 2012
One of the great buddy cop movies of all time. Well, all time might be pushing it a bit. But it's really good, and Billy Crystal is excellent in it. I only remembered this film because of the awful Paul Walker film of the same name released some years later.
½ August 27, 2012
What a piece of shit. I like just about everybody in it, but it tries too hard to be funny (which it's not) to be a true action comedy and it's not funny enough to be a good comedy. Hines and Crystal are probably the two least believably cops ever (except for Adam Sandler, maybe). True 80's entertainment...if you're actually entertained by it.
August 12, 2012
Always loved this flick. Forget about the story and focus on the chemistry between Crystal and Hines, who breeze through every 80s stereotype and buddy-cop cliche ever invented. Yes, it's an also-ran with Fletch/Beverly Hills Cop/Lethal Weapon, but it's also perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon rental.
August 11, 2012
A perfectly pleasant (if completely unoriginal) buddy cop movie whose success is entirely dependent upon the charm of the two leads.
July 3, 2012
Friday, June 29, 2012

(1986) Running Scared

Comedy duo of Hines and Gregory Hines which is a toned down version of the Lethal Weapon movies, the "R" rated ones anyway since this is a PG movie, centering on going after drug lord which is an excuse to showcase unfunny comedy bits and some action sequences. The pass is basically for only "one" memorable sequence regarding an actual car riding on a subway terminal (which may have require some stunt driving) which I've never seen before for an action/comedy film.

2.5 out of 4
June 29, 2012
One of my favorite movies growing up. I haven't watched this movie in years and I still know every line verbatim. Great chemistry between Hines and Chrystal.
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