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November 18, 2011
pfffffffffffffffff. ez mà (C)g nekem is sok volt, vagyis inkább kevà (C)s.
½ May 4, 2011
Not great but I bought this for nostalgic reasons anyway. Good f/x but the slow pacing is really what's killing the movie. Ugly late 70s fashion adds to the unwanted hilarity.
½ December 28, 2010
A vicious, slobbering Syngenor (Synthesized-Genetic-Organism-), a lab experiment gone wrong, and seriously in need of an attitude-adjustment, runs rampant through La-La Land's sleazier environs thinning the human herd by sucking out their precious spinal fluids with its handy-dandy Ronco-Forked Tongue (Only three easy payments of $19.95!). Outrageous and highly enjoyable early 80's monster-on-the-loose flick with an impressive creature design (Although highly derivative of Ridley Scott's "Alien", but actually one of the better imitations-), some pretty creepy moments, workable perfs by the unknown cast, and tight direction by William Malone who continued pumping out genre product both worthwhile ("The Boogens", "Creature"-) and unremarkable (The poor "House on Haunted Hill" remake-). An acceptable sequel followed.
½ May 12, 2010
This is a film that I respect more of the work that went into making the damn thing then the actual film product itself. New comer director William Malone gave up a helluva lot to get this film rolling including selling his car and mortgaging his house. I wish all that work was for a better low budget film like The Evil Dead. Sadly it wasn't and all his sacrifices resulted in a forgettable film known as Scared to Death.

Scared to Death is another run-of-the mill early 80's monster film with an extremely forgettable title. I can see why Malone decided to make one though. Horror movies can be made for dirt cheap and make a good turn-around. He also was an artist that previously worked in a Halloween mask factory so he could easily save money by designing the monster suit itself. The monster suit is definitely the highlight of the film. Inspired by the work of H.R. Giger, Malone was able to give the monster a creepy presence especially in dark corridors.

Beyond the monster though we have literally nothing for a plot. A monster is on the loose in a city killing people in the night to drink their spinal fluid. The monster seems to be manmade (a "syngenor", standing for SYNthesized GENetic ORganism) and a reporter and a awful acting scientist are on its trail to kill it before it reproduces.

Like I said, no real plot to speak of. Again the story behind the film is much more interesting. I found it amazing that pop star/actor Rick Springfield was originally cast in this but pulled out the day before shooting began because he would miss too many "acting classes." This film might have more of a following if he actually ended up being in it. The film's budget is also a hindrance as it was shot on poor film stock resulting in a muddy and murky looking product. Even a cleaned up DVD transfer didn't help a whole lot.

Despite it's extreme shortcomings, the film did make a profit and it actually inspired a sequel to be made nine years later titled Syngenor. The DVD release of this film even had the title on the box art changed to "Scared to Death: Syngenor" to show connection to its better known follow-up.
½ March 24, 2009
William Malone's directorial debut was certainly a tell-tale sign of how gifted this man was with directing, writing, and make-up effects. Before he talked bigger projects like Feardotcom or the House on Haunted Hill remake, Malone got his feet wet with this entertaining debut about a mutant slasher that comes out of the sewers to tear people a new asshole, but not before sucking their spinal fluid out for sustenance. I was thoroughly entertained by this low-budget film, both by the effective scares and tension built and also the incredibly good special effects for such a very low budget (somewhere in the vicinity of $74,000). The leads of the film, including hero John Stinson, heroine Diana Davidson (who some may remember as the unlucky swimming victim in the opening scene of Dirty Harry), and secondary heroine Toni Jannotta all play their roles fairly well, as does the supporting cast. Overall, very surprised with this film, as well as unveiling of the monster. It's incredibly interesting to me (and I feel dumb for not already knowing this) but the monster is revealed to be a Syngenor, thus helping me to realize that this film inspired the "loose" sequel Syngenor, which I had seen well before this movie. I never knew there was a previous Syngenor film that came out before this. It caught me off guard and I thought it was a cool surprise, just like this film was. Very good.
August 31, 2008
Scared to death? more like bored to death.. at least most of the time. but some parts are actually decent. i bought the dvd and it is the grainiest transfer ever, so maybe it affected my rating.
½ October 20, 2006
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