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½ February 17, 2011
The original is much better...
April 27, 2010
While this pair of 1950s plays by Sir Terence Rattigan may be dated in its view of male/female relationships, the production values and acting in this superb 1983 BBC TV version are timeless.

The brilliant cast is headed by Julie Christie and Alan Bates, with stage royalty Claire Bloom, Irene Worth, Sylvia Barter, and Bernard Archer in supporting roles. Liz Smith is in particularly priceless form as the dotty Miss Meachum.

With a dining room dominated by two-seaters, director John Schlesinger captures the quiet desperation of the elderly residents of the Beauregard Hotel, in seaside Bournemouth.

It's surely a crime that this beautiful production has yet to be transferred to DVD. The only incidental music is the Impromptu no. 3, by Schubert, and it makes a fitting accompaniment to Rattigan's melancholy human drama.

Available only in VHS, but a miracle no matter the medium.
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