Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit) Reviews

May 5, 2019 erratically-paced yet generally better-than-average old-school thriller.
October 10, 2016
It's good to have veteran and able actor Sidney Poitier back on the screen again, and his contribution to Shoot to Kill helps make this action-thriller set in the mountain wilds of the Northwest a slick and satisfying film.
April 25, 2016
Satisfactory but forgettable manhunt thriller.
March 4, 2006
A gripping manhunt thriller that's also part buddy movie and part outdoor, man-against-the-elements adventure. Might have been taken for granted in 1988, but Shoot to Kill is a corker by today's standards.
August 12, 2005
Awesome thriller!
June 29, 2005
June 17, 2005
An underrated, well-directed action flick with a superb performance by Sidney Poitier.
November 12, 2004
August 28, 2004
Shoot to Kill is a rip-roaring movie from start to finish.
March 26, 2004
January 29, 2004
October 5, 2003
April 27, 2003
You'll feel the sweat dripping off your back. Thrilling beyond belief.
January 1, 2000
It marks Sidney Poitier's return to acting after 10 years behind the camera. He is probably not going to win any awards for this performance, but it's nice to have him back.