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Silver Streak Quotes

  • George Caldwell: [Grover has just told George they have to jump from the train] No! I've left this train twice already!

  • Sheriff Chauncey: Hello, Car 36, what the hell happened to you guys?
    Grover Muldoon: [into the radio] Hey Chauncey, this is Grover T. Muldoon. You wanna know what happened? We just whooped your ass. We whooped your ass. Ha ha ha!

  • Sheriff Chauncey: Is he with the feds?
    George Caldwell: Who?
    Sheriff Chauncey: This guy Rembrandt.
    George Caldwell: Rembrandt is dead.
    Sheriff Chauncey: Dead? That makes four.

  • George Caldwell: [each time he jumps, falls, is thrown or is pushed off the train] Son of a bitch!

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