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September 30, 2009
Saw this one last night! Too cheesy for my taste but the action sequences was aiiight! Took to long to get to the point!
July 13, 2009
A top notch blaxploitation pic. Great music, style, dialogue, action. The sequal "Slaughter's Big Ripoff" is a bit cheesier, but not as enjoyable, in my opinion. This film ranks up there with Black Caeser and Friday Foster in terms of fun. Highly recommended.
April 29, 2009
The sequel, SLAUGHTER'S BIG RIPOFF is a better blaksplotation flick; this is more of a low-budget crime drama which happens to star a black ex-NFL star (Jim Brown). Brown's character is well-named, he slaughters anyone who gets in his way. Rip Torn plays Slaughter's main opposition and Stella Stevens plays a stunning blonde (both in her bikini and out of it) who sleeps with Brown (angering Torn). Brown had been in movies since THE DIRTY DOZEN but was still more of a "presense" in these films than an actual actor.
March 16, 2009
Some critics have argued that "Slaughter" was the first blaxploitation film. Unlike films like "Sweetback" or, to lesser degrees, "Shaft" and even "Superfly," "Slaughter" was a mindless actioner with no social or political message produced only to get a black audience into theatres. If one accepts this theory, "Slaughter" has some historical significance and relevance. If one does not, then it's just a dumb 1970s-revenge flick. Not bad for the genre, but certainly no classic.
February 2, 2009
not amazing but had some awesome moments. plus, RIP TORN haha.
½ January 1, 2009
Another B movie shoot it up that is like so many other ones.
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