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½ October 21, 2012
One of the worst musicals I have ever seen. Nobody could really sing well, the plot line was dribble, there were only a few good points that made this movie worth watching at all.
November 28, 2011
not interested in this ...
½ November 11, 2011
loved this movie as a child! haven't seen it since then though..
November 10, 2011
one of the best cannon movie tales in my oppinion..watched these on encore when i was out sick a few years back :P
½ December 27, 2010
They should have cut the singing especially those off-key numbers (like Rosebud's songs). The only song I actually liked was the group number about their clothes ripping. Who wrote these songs? Now, the sound effects are fun because they bring me back to childhood. And I love the effects for the Fairy White's wand. Also, I just noticed that the boots that he uses are HUGE. I never saw it before. A classic fairytale that if fate is true, then there was no way to avoid it and they should've kept their spindle and told the young Princess the truth. Oh, it's hilarious that they made the Red Fairy old and everyone else young. My, her evil laugh was long and everywhere. The white Fairy was beautiful and very child-like. Hilarious to see who was in it like Morgan Fairchild (who I'm not a fan of). I'm glad I found this movie on Hulu. I've been wanting to rewatch the Cannon Fairytales for some time. It's a cheesy crappy movie that I laugh at but remember fondly.
½ August 21, 2010
Just plain horrible! Doesn't even follow original story line. Horrible acting, horrible songs etc
August 23, 2009
a wonderfull fairy tale
June 6, 2008
oh man i loved this movie as a kid too
½ March 24, 2008
I loved this as a kid... now I realize how aweful it was.... like the Power Rangers!
March 24, 2008
This is actually my first time watching this movie. Lovely
March 21, 2008
I Love it!!!!
I aLways watched it!!!
½ March 18, 2008
scariest movie EVER...
½ March 12, 2008
I LOVED this as a kid. I saw it again recently... and, it's just really awful. I still have a soft spot in my heart for it, but it's a musical and even most of the SINGING is bad! It's a good time for those with nostalgia for it.
March 10, 2008
This was really alot of fun. The original music is well done. As with the other films in the series, the design work is really whimsical. I've never been hot on Fairchild, but I remember enjoying this film as a child.
January 30, 2008
I used to watch this film all the time when I was little.
The songs are great!
½ December 23, 2007
Beautiful children's movie. Me acuerdo haberla visto mucho de nina. Un trabajo hermoso
September 13, 2007
Also, right here another great one
½ September 12, 2007
OMG i love this movie to death....
½ September 10, 2007
Likeable, but somewhat schizo version of the stor. Some of the sogns are good and the cast is great, even though Morgan Fairchild might be a bit miscast as the innocnet queen. Former Go-Go's alum Jane Wiedlin is very good as the White Fairy, but is somewhat underused, as well as the superb Sylvia Miles who brings the only real shivers in the film as Fairy Red. Tahnee Welch is beautiful, but her acting seems a bit stilted and wooden.

All in all, it's a movie to watch again, but not one of my favorites in the series. The musical arrangements reek of 80's synth too.
August 20, 2007
I remember I watched it more than 10 times when I was a kid. The white fairy was is so pretty and her singing is very sweet!
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