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Spellbound Quotes

  • Dr. Alex Brulov: Women make the best pyschoanalysts, until they fall in love. After that they make the best patients.

  • Dr. Anthony Edwardes: Oh, by the way - why are we going to Rockester for?
    Dr. Constance Peterson: Well we're going to visit Dr. Brulov.
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes: Oh oh oh, that's the gut who doesn't like sore-spotters
    Dr. Constance Peterson: He was my analyst and psycho-analyzed me.
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes: Really, and what was wrong with you?
    Dr. Constance Peterson: oh all analysts get psycho-analyze by other analysts, before they start practicing.
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes: Ohh; that's to make sure that they are not too crazy.
    Dr. Constance Peterson: Apparently the mind is never to sick to make jokes ABOUT psycho-analysis.
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes: I'm sorry. I'm a pig.
    Dr. Constance Peterson: No, I'm am; I keep forgetting you're a patient.
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes: So do I. When I hold you like this I feel entirely well. Will you love me just as much when I'm normal?
    Dr. Constance Peterson: Oh I'll be insane - about you. [girlish giggling]

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