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October 17, 2016
This is a smooth production of an obvious, though suspenseful murder thriller, ably acted and directed. Mood and pace are well set, and story grips throughout.
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October 17, 2016
The Spiral Staircase, a murder mystery, knowingly paced by Director Robert Siodmak and shrewdly acted by an expert cast, including Ethel Barrymore, is choice, eerie entertainment.
October 17, 2016
This 1946 film is one of [Siodmak's] least interesting.
February 9, 2006
It's one of the undoubted masterpieces of the Gothic mode.
May 20, 2003
The film is likely to scare the daylights out of most of its audiences.
June 3, 2019
A haunted house tale where the ghosts are all too human.
October 17, 2016
Although its whodunnit aspect is weak, the strong camera angles and cast performance make this a fine film.
October 17, 2016
Thought-provoking and disturbing, this masterly thriller is directed with touches of sheer genius by Robert Siodmak.
February 23, 2010
This dated old chestnut definitely wouldn't hold up as-is for today's audiences, but for fans of classic cinema it's well worth a look.
September 25, 2009
Erected on expressionistic Gothic menace
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